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By Darcy Kimber on 23/10/20 09:30

In truth, Travel is just one of the sectors we work with at Yomdel, helping clients understand the customer experience they deliver. And right now, just like in Travel, many sectors are experiencing a shortage of customers, due to enforced closures, ongoing restrictions and enormous uncertainty in the minds of those customers.

Well, when customers are scarce, no business can afford to see them go elsewhere for want of better service.

Topics: customer service Mystery Shopping Travel Industry
4 min read


By Fern Cunnell on 16/10/20 09:00

Are your response times leaving customers feeling disappointed?

Now more than ever you need to monitor your staff’s performance and ensure leads are not being left unattended. At best they will go elsewhere; at worst they will go elsewhere AND tell everyone how disappointing your customer service was.

Topics: customer service Customer Insights Mystery Shopping
2 min read


By Simon Taylor on 09/10/20 08:45

Making successful change is often cited as one of the hardest things to do in business. Yet we are constantly reminded that change must be a constant and ongoing strategic imperative. Why?

Topics: Customer support Live Chat business change
4 min read


By Simon Taylor on 02/10/20 09:00

Our blog this week is guest written by Ashley Lipman. Ashley is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion for providing knowledge to readers worldwide on topics closest to her heart - all things digital. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches touching the digital sphere.

Topics: Customer support customer experience Customer Insights
2 min read


By Peter Brand on 25/09/20 09:15

Web browsing is almost a default human behaviour now. People do it without even thinking, especially with a mobile in hand. So how do you capture their attention, and help them see an opportunity on your website that they might not have anticipated?

Topics: lead generation Managed Live Chat customer experience
3 min read


By Bhav Taylor on 18/09/20 09:40

Just like the travel sector must do, I've made big changes for my future.

I'm coming to the end of my first 2 weeks in my new role with Yomdel as a Business Development Manager. This career move was an interesting one for me, the current climate forced me to look outside the travel sector, which I had worked within for 20 years.

Fortunately for me Yomdel saw a mutual opportunity as they continue to build on their successful model.

Topics: Travel Industry Coronavirus business change
3 min read


By Louis Kidgell on 11/09/20 09:15

When customer experiences change rapidly, to meet enforced circumstances, there's often no measurement and no way of benchmarking success. We've recently worked with property clients who moved quickly to mystery shop their new virtual services.

Topics: customer service Customer Insights Mystery Shopping
4 min read


By Gina Mayhead on 04/09/20 10:00

5 Things to Consider When Buying Primary Market Research

Market research is a very broad church, with as many definitions as there are cat hairs on my kitchen floor just now. However, a good general description for me is - market research helps answer questions about your business and/or its customers so you can make more informed decisions and reduce risk.

Topics: Research Customer Insights business change
3 min read


By Tim Breden on 28/08/20 13:00

How did you spend your time and money this bank holiday?

From pretty early on in lockdown, the tabloids were shouting from the roof-tops that we were all spending more on booze, groceries and takeaways than we ever have, before. But are we really? Where is our money going, and who are the real retail winners?

Topics: Customer Insights Coronavirus business change
3 min read


By Gina Mayhead on 21/08/20 11:31

Customer Journey Mapping – What is it and why do it?

I am frequently asked to explain what Customer Journey Mapping is and what its purpose is. Always happy to help, here it is.

Topics: sales conversion customer experience customer journeys
3 min read


By Fern Cunnell on 14/08/20 11:15

Mystery Shopping works! But how?

Whether you want to know how Mystery Shopping delivers results for a business, or you fancy doing a bit of mystery shopping yourself, knowing what makes a good shopper is fundamental.

As a Mystery Shopper your findings are the foundation of what we do, so it is essential that your work is carried out to the highest standard. So what's required to be a good Mystery Shopper?

Topics: customer service Customer Insights Mystery Shopping
3 min read

New Customer Expectations Post-Lockdown

By Chris Smith on 07/08/20 11:30

Late March, when the majority of the UK entered a lockdown, seems a lifetime ago, with behavioural restrictions placed on society the like of which we have not seen before.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience Coronavirus
2 min read


By Louis Kidgell on 31/07/20 08:45

Help your team to avoid these common mistakes, to win more business

Working for a leading supplier of mystery shopping to the property sector, I spend a lot of time reading and proofing mystery shopper reports from Estate Agents all round the UK.

I am constantly amazed at how frequently the same mistakes are made. Here is my round-up of 5 of the most common.

Topics: customer service Customer Insights Mystery Shopping
1 min read


By Simon Taylor on 24/07/20 16:30

How much is customer behaviour really changing?

Recently, we sent Andy Soloman out in to his local town, to see just how much the consumer environment is changing, and to report back in video.

Topics: Business Customer Insights Coronavirus
3 min read


By Gina Mayhead on 17/07/20 10:23

Customer Service in Times of Crisis

Topics: customer experience Mystery Shopping Travel Industry
3 min read


By Gina Mayhead on 10/07/20 10:02

Trust is a Must in Financial Services CX

Topics: customer experience Mystery Shopping Financial Services
4 min read


By Simon Taylor on 03/07/20 08:45

Some businesses seized the initiative in lockdown, finding competitive advantage by adapting fast, but also securing their future with new ways of working.

Topics: customer experience Coronavirus business change
4 min read


By Simon Taylor on 19/06/20 11:36

A huge side effect of Coronavirus is the rampant debate about whether changes in customer behaviours will be permanent.

Topics: customer experience Coronavirus business change
2 min read

You can't improve if you don't measure!

By Gina Mayhead on 12/06/20 10:50

Implementing new ways of working quickly, can leave a business blind to its current performance. Getting measurement in place early fuels constant improvement and competitive advantage.

Topics: customer experience Mystery Shopping Coronavirus
3 min read

Customer behaviour has already CHANGED!

By Simon Taylor on 05/06/20 08:45

Change was always happening. But a crisis accelerates it dramatically.

Place restrictions upon people, and they will adapt fast. They find new ways to achieve their ends, and this could not be clearer than in online property market behaviour.

In our updated tracker report this week, we saw the exceptional increase in Live Chat usage on property websites maintained at its new high, with no sign of a return to normal pre-COVID levels.

It's here to stay and it's not really surprising. Perhaps it's already no longer exceptional?

Topics: Property Coronavirus Industry trends
2 min read

A new market powered by VIDEO!

By Simon Taylor on 28/05/20 15:53

Video is everywhere you turn now, or so it seems. But should you invest?

In this brief insight, we're sharing some simple stats that suggest customer expectations are definitely changing, and we should take this seriously.

In our updated tracker report this week, we see continued evidence that customers are returning to property websites in overall numbers, equal to average levels of the previous 15 months.

But they also continue to use Live Chat in much greater proportions than before the Coronavirus Crisis and Lockdown, and crucially are pro-actively requesting video enabled services. 

Topics: Property Coronavirus Industry trends
1 min read


By Simon Taylor on 22/05/20 09:00

Watch this week's webinar if you missed it:

If you didn't catch our webinar this week, it's right here on video, featuring 4 expert panellists within property, conveyancing and removals.

Topics: Property removals Coronavirus
4 min read

Ready, steady, go - time to reconnect!

By Gina Mayhead on 15/05/20 09:30

Right now is the time to re-connect

As we wait for additional clarifications and detail on exactly when and how our shops and services can re-open for business, now is the time to reflect on how you are going to re-connect with your customers.

What does Customer Experience look like now, and how will that evolve over the next few months?

Topics: Research Coronavirus Industry trends
4 min read

Hottest business subject right now? NEW-NORMAL

By Simon Taylor on 07/05/20 09:00

Everyone is talking about 'New Normals'

Quite honestly, I rather like it. Change always happens, bringing with it both positives and negatives, so I try to take a very optimistic view to change, because we can only make the best of it. Any other attitude seems regressive.

Coronavirus is unquestionably a massive catalyst for change, in all areas of our lives: social, economic and behavioural, and we're only just beginning to see the lasting impacts. So it's understandable that when faced with seismic shifts, we want to understand them and get to grips with them as fast as possible.

Topics: Estate Agents Coronavirus Industry trends
3 min read

Can you make sense of all the future-gazing?

By Gina Mayhead on 02/05/20 08:45

Looking ahead is scary but research can help

There are a lot of research tracker studies going on at the moment, for sentiment analysis and consumer behaviour, looking at how we are reacting to the lockdown and other changes wrought by the coronavirus crisis.

But where are they all taking us? And what role can research play in finding the path ahead as we continue to navigate our way through the coronavirus crisis?

Topics: Research Coronavirus Industry trends
3 min read

Property Market Tracker - what's the real insight?

By Simon Taylor on 24/04/20 08:45

Customers are desperate to do business, but Business has its hands tied!

That's just some of the reaction we've had this week to our Property Sentiment Tracker update published on Tuesday.

In our updated tracker report this week, we evidenced an apparent customer rebound from the depth of the initial Coronavirus shock, with a resurgence in consumer engagement via Live Chat. But from some of the reaction there's little doubt that many businesses are not seeing that. Why is that the case?

Topics: Property Coronavirus Industry trends
6 min read

The positive energy that is beating Coronavirus

By Simon Taylor on 10/04/20 09:30

It's truly amazing and awe-inspiring to see the positive energy on show right now, with businesses, partners, suppliers and even competitors helping each other to get the better of what we can mildly call 'new market conditions'.

Even more amazing, as so many people are confined to their homes, and having to do this through means of communication they rarely used previously. Surely these changes will remain too, when hopefully COVID-19 is beaten?

Topics: Coronavirus business continuity Home Working
3 min read

Rebound continues: Property Market Tracker latest!

By Simon Taylor on 08/04/20 08:30

Property Market Tracker update – last week shows incredible surge in consumer online activity!

Live Chat engagement increases significantly across all consumer groups - vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants.

Following our initial report on consumer engagement via Live Chat, the latest update (to Sunday night 19 April) shows all groups now rising steadily, and some almost back to pre-COVID average levels.

Topics: Property Coronavirus Industry trends
3 min read

Yomdel Property Sentiment Tracker: is there a rebound?

By Simon Taylor on 05/04/20 13:05

Yomdel Property Sentiment Tracker – Property market activity up for first time since COVID-19 lockdown

New estate agent enquiries via live chat see first increases since lockdown

Despite the coronavirus lockdown, there are growing signs of a stirring in UK property sector activity, with increasing numbers of people requesting contact in relation to selling, letting or moving home, according to our “Yomdel Property Sentiment Tracker”, a new data insight series from the UK’s leading provider of managed live chat to estate agents.

Topics: Property Coronavirus Industry trends
5 min read

Home Working & Home Schooling: the Parent Dilemma

By Simon Townsend on 03/04/20 08:45

Finding the right balance between managing your work commitments while the kids are at home is tough.

As the coronavirus crisis grips us ever tighter, globally we’re facing a time of unprecedented change, where schools are closed and more people than at any time in history are having to work from home.

Topics: Coronavirus Home Working
2 min read

Yomdel & Brief Your Market: COVID-19 Response Webinars

By Simon Taylor on 01/04/20 16:56


Topics: Coronavirus business continuity
4 min read

5 GOOD THINGS to come from Coronavirus!

By Gina Mayhead on 27/03/20 09:00

I know, there are a lot of bad things happening right now, thanks to the unrelenting progress of the Corona virus.

However, believe it or not, there are some positives we can reflect on. Here are five that sprang to mind this morning as I looked out over my sunny garden.

Topics: Coronavirus
3 min read

Yomdel has slashed its prices. Here's why.

By Andy Soloman on 25/03/20 18:01

At this time it is more important than ever that we all work together, for together we are stronger, and at Yomdel the success of our clients is our success as well. Since the coronavirus crisis hit us, Yomdel has been pulling out all the stops to ensure we are able to continue to deliver our award-winning 24/7 managed live chat service. I'm delighted  to say the service is secure, we continue to operate with 100% uptime, and I know we are a lifeline for our partners and clients. Our fabulous team is doing a fabulous job.

Topics: Managed Live Chat Disaster Management Coronavirus business continuity
3 min read

Profitability and morality: the dilemmas of crisis-management

By Simon Taylor on 20/03/20 12:17

Hands up who needs help!

That's a reality we are facing every day now, as the full impact of the Coronavirus crisis only begins to emerge. But who needs the most help? The need to keep your business going so staff are paid, and suppliers and their staff are

 paid, is balanced by a myriad of personal concerns for family well-being, local community concerns and in some cases very serious health hazards.

Topics: Crisis Management Emergency Coronavirus
4 min read

Coronavirus: business threat or opportunity?

By Chris Smith on 16/03/20 17:10

The annoying thing about cliches is they are true. And so we must examine what we know to be true here too: that we can surely come through this stronger. How we approach the coming weeks, will determine the future of our businesses. But who will get it right, and how will they go about it?

Topics: Business Coronavirus
2 min read

COVID-19: Yomdel launches rapid-to-deploy emergency live chat teams

By Andy Soloman on 10/03/20 08:00

Live chat teams can be used to relieve overwhelmed customer services in the face of  a deluge of telephone and email enquiries.

Topics: Customer support Managed Live Chat Disaster Management Emergency
2 min read

Provide accessible customer support in "Solving Housing Disputes"

By Andy Soloman on 06/03/20 17:07

A new report from Justice, the influential all-party law reform and human rights organisation working to strengthen the justice system, has proposed a ‘bold, ambitious’ model to resolve housing disputes and suggested that live chat is an important channel for customer contact.

Topics: Live Chat housing report
4 min read

Customer Experience lessons in Fast-Fashion

By Simon Taylor on 06/03/20 11:00

This week, guest writer Alessa Decker, examined the question of why fast-fashion brands are falling so hard, and whether Customer Experience is already more than actual interface experience. Are businesses missing the underlying needs of customers, and failing to deliver them across the broader experience landscape?

Topics: Research customer experience retail
4 min read

Six steps to customer happiness in a travel crisis

By Andy Soloman on 03/03/20 12:02

The travel industry is no stranger to crisis management, and risks can take many forms. Be it earthquakes or a devastating tsunami, terrorism, ash plumes from volcanoes, pandemics, travel companies going bust or political upheaval.

Topics: Customer support Managed Live Chat Travel Industry Crisis Management
3 min read

How much do you help your best salesperson?

By Tim Breden on 03/03/20 07:45

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best salesperson of them all?
Why, oh why, does every salesperson not look in a mirror every now and then?

Topics: Sales customer experience Mystery Shopping
5 min read

Has Customer Experience turned football fans in to customers?

By Tim Breden on 28/02/20 12:01

21st century customer expectations are sky high, and evermore challenging for businesses to live up to. Continuing our football theme, this week we're taking lessons from the impact of CX on the final frontier of customer advocacy: the football club!

Topics: customer experience sports
1 min read

The beauty of outsourced live chat: expert, easy, effective!

By Chris Smith on 21/02/20 12:02

Being tempted to manage your Live Chat in house is a natural instinct, but look beneath the surface of your own business, and see where the value is really delivered from.

Topics: lead generation Live Chat ROI
4 min read

Defining Customer Experience in Self-Storage

By Chris Smith on 07/02/20 09:15

This week, we're taking a close look at the Self-Storage industry, and the insights we've taken from the SSA's 2019 Annual Report. It sheds light on consumer behaviours when purchasing self-storage, and we draw critical conclusions to what is required to maximise sales conversions in this highly competitive sector.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience Self-Storage
3 min read

The Keys to Customer Experience: Leadership and Empathy

By Simon Taylor on 31/01/20 10:45

In all walks of life, empathy between people creates successful outcomes, never more so than in great Customer Experience. But leadership plays a crucial role too.

Topics: customer experience
5 min read

Optimise your Live Chat for maximum conversion

By Simon Townsend on 24/01/20 10:54

How can I optimise live chat to increase conversions? A question often asked by business owners who realise live chat is something their customers will benefit from, but don't really understand how it works. Or, just as often, by businesses that have implemented a version of live chat, but aren't seeing any clear results.

Topics: Lead conversion Live Chat
5 min read

Will Customer Experience change in 2020?

By Simon Taylor on 10/01/20 11:00

In Spring 2019, property market expert and industry correspondent Chris Watkin interviewed Yomdel's founding partners Andy Soloman and Tim Breden. Here we ask - will 2020 be any different?

Topics: Estate Agents customer experience
3 min read

'Spend a Penny' with Just a Drop and Yomdel

By Andy Soloman on 08/01/20 14:33

Yomdel’s “Spend a Penny” campaign supports Just a Drop in its work bringing safe water and sanitation to communities worldwide.

As a new decade dawns, Yomdel is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Just a Drop, the global charity working to bring sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities around the world.

Topics: Yomdel charity Just A Drop
4 min read

The Highs and Lows of Estate Agency CX

By Gina Mayhead on 03/01/20 11:50

How good is the Customer Experience in your Estate Agency?

“We’re a small team. I know all my staff do a good job”

Topics: Estate Agents CX Mystery Shopping
4 min read

Customer Experience Integration - the Multiplier Effect

By Simon Taylor on 20/12/19 10:30

Integration is a crucial component of best in class Customer Experience.
If the business doesn’t make the sale – everyone loses.

Topics: sales conversion customer experience CX
1 min read

9 Benefits of Live Chat for Business

By Simon Taylor on 13/12/19 10:01

This week in our blog, we are featuring an infographic from our friends at The Website Group. They create websites daily for businesses all over the world, so they know a thing or two about how to optimise your website, and get it working effectively for your business.

Topics: Lead conversion Live Chat
4 min read

How expensive is cheap live chat?

By Tim Breden on 06/12/19 10:29

Saving money, or minimising cost, on the cheapest live chat you can deploy could be the most expensive mistake you make for your business.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience
6 min read

Top 10 Live Chat quick wins you need to know

By Chris Smith on 27/11/19 14:41

Live chat is becoming a must for businesses who want to connect with as many potential customers as possible. It’s understandable – 87% of purchasing decisions now begin online, according to Salesforce. So online customer experience is critical to success.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience
5 min read

Live Chat Customer Support: How to assess quality

By Tim Breden on 15/11/19 09:37

B&B or the Ritz – what live chat would you choose?

The truth is, not all Live Chat is created equal.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience
5 min read

3 steps to increase your website conversions

By Chris Smith on 08/11/19 17:20

As business owners and digital marketers, you face the same challenge day in day out, regardless of the industry you operate in – “How do we increase our online conversion rates to get more new business?”

Topics: Live Chat customer experience
3 min read

Improve your service with customer psychology

By Simon Taylor on 31/10/19 14:55

Customer Experience can all come down to psychology, and training your staff is ultimately the answer.

Do you ever really know what your customer feels about their experience with your business.

Topics: CX Customer Insights Mystery Shopping
3 min read

Getting Close to the Action - Yomdel

By Gina Mayhead on 24/10/19 16:51

I’ve had a bad week. Well, Tuesday morning was bad. By lunchtime on Tuesday things were looking a bit rosier, and by Wednesday I was back to my default “glass (at least) half-full” state of mind. Let me explain. Being quite new in my role here at Yomdel and wanting to get closer to our operational processes, I volunteered to do a video mystery shop for one of our clients. Reader, I messed it up… Without going into too much detail, it basically failed to record (turned itself off in my pocket) and all the rich insights I’d gathered and worked hard to engineer into the visit were wasted.

As I sat outside, swearing in my car, I realised that I’d actually gained more from this experience than I’d lost. OK, so my team back at HQ were going to have to re-assign the job and I looked a bit of an idiot, but crucially, I now knew what it really felt like to be one of our mystery shoppers. I knew how important it is to practise with the equipment and research your scenario; I understood the churning stomach feeling as you get into character; I knew how important it is to have a supportive office team behind you; and I knew how important a well-designed questionnaire is. First-hand experience of the tasks you are asking your staff to perform is invaluable and leads to effective and empathetic management, which in turn leads to motivated and high-performing staff.

Mystery shopping is a practical short-cut to this. Maybe you’re a Director whose selling days are a distant memory; maybe you’re a senior manager from a non-sales background; maybe you’re a Sales Director with little customer service experience; mystery shopping gives you that in-the-moment feedback on every step of your sales and customer service processes. Detailed reports and audio-visual footage mean you can observe, first-hand and unfiltered, the challenges your sales teams face and how they deliver your company ethos and hopefully top-notch customer service to boot.

Topics: Customer Insights Mystery Shopping
7 min read

5 reasons chatbots are not a good idea

By Andy Soloman on 22/10/19 12:37

Chatbots, or artificial intelligence (AI) powered 24/7 instant communication channels online, sounded marvellous. The promise was out of this world.

But they have failed, and arguably cause more problems than they solve.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience chatbot
2 min read

Process: the importance of structure in daily tasks

By Simon Townsend on 18/10/19 13:09

How important is process to a business? From the smallest business to the most established brands in the world, having a well-defined business process means the difference between success and failure. Without it, things get lost, things don’t get done, things are forgotten.

Topics: customer experience quality assurance
3 min read

Can you really know your customer?

By Gina Mayhead on 08/10/19 15:13

Know Your Customer! An easy thing to say, but what does it mean, and how do you go about it?

Topics: Customer Insights Mystery Shopping
5 min read

Quality is the key to incredible live chat results

By Andy Soloman on 04/10/19 12:51

For live chat to be effective it needs to deliver an exceptional quality experience for the customer. Deliver anything less than perfect and you run the risk of annoying people or even turning them away for ever.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience
4 min read

A Sparkling Wine Adventure - Yomdel

By Andy Soloman on 22/09/19 18:18

Yomdel has added a dash of sparkle to its activities this year with sponsorship of the The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019, organised by Glass of Bubbly. Judging took place in September at the prestigious London Marriott Hotel County Hall, when wine experts gathered over two days to first blind hundreds of champagnes and sparkling wines from across the globe, before grading and determining the medal winners.

Topics: Champagne Sparkling Wine Sponsor
2 min read

DIFD -- An Amazing Charity Adventure

By Andy Soloman on 11/09/19 16:35

Yomdel supports a number of charities each year, and the latest adventure was an amazing coming together of estate agents and their suppliers to raise money for the Huntingdon's Disease Association as part of "Do It For Dom" (DIFD) canoeing down the River Wye.

Topics: Estate Agents charity
3 min read

Benefits of Live Chat | Yomdel

By Andy Soloman on 03/09/19 09:45

You spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on marketing campaigns to drive people to your website. And rightly so. Research has suggested that 87% of purchases begin online. This behaviour is very much on an upward trend (up from 71% last year).

Topics: Live Chat customer experience
4 min read

6 reasons removals businesses should use managed live chat

By Andy Soloman on 31/05/19 09:55

I've found myself reflecting on how removals companies can improve their lead generation and also create competitive advantage.

Topics: Live Chat removals
2 min read

Live Email ups the stakes for estate agents serious about growth

By Andy Soloman on 24/04/19 14:17

This new Yomdel initiative means estate agents need never miss another portal lead again to uncover hidden opportunities that will grow their businesses.

Topics: Estate Agents Lead Management
4 min read

Some businesses ‘get' Customer Experience

By Simon Taylor on 12/04/19 10:00

Customer Experience – why do only the best ‘get it’ ?

Queues. Attitude. Unreturned calls. We’ve all been there. It’s astonishing how often it still happens, given today’s multi-front battle for commercial survival. Somehow the customer seems to feature last in the picture.

Even amongst retailers, excellent service can be a somewhat distant utopia, and when a fabulous interaction is experienced it’s too often the exception not the rule. Unsurprisingly month after month large B2C organisations with bricks and mortar models report an annual dwindling of footfall and consequently revenue.

The consumer’s pound is precious, and I sometimes look enviously at other countries. The dollar especially seems to be more coveted, with great service and excellent overall customer experience being a standard in the US. Restaurants, banks, car dealers, real estate agents, department stores – all seem to ‘get’ the need to serve customers well.

In the UK, online rockets ahead as the fastest growing way for a consumer to acquire goods and services. Why? Because the ‘Amazonification’ we’ve seen in the last decade or so, offers the buying public what they want most:

  • Value
  • Choice
  • Speed
  • Convenience
  • Reassurance of quality

And they get it without the queues, attitude or unreturned calls!

Around 20% of all retail purchases are now online. That’s over a whole day of high street footfall lost over time, so not surprising that fewer stores open, and every year higher numbers close forever. The tragedy of Debenhams’ struggle continues this week, and exemplifies the battle perfectly. But not all is lost.

Whilst Amazon, eBay, Walmart and their like get their heads around solving ‘instant delivery’ gratification, retailers still have exactly that as their biggest remaining advantage. Customers will always want an immediate, immersive experience with the product they seek. The issue retailers must avoid though, is a tendency to get in the way of the customer.

Whilst they too offer choice, quality reassurance and most crucially a ‘take me home now’ advantage, their customer experience credentials simply haven’t kept up with customer expectation. The online retail game-changers have set a new bar, and customers demand that all retailers live up to it. It’s the new benchmark, against which their expectations are set.

Shopping face to face should be a pleasure, but increasingly online is the easy alternative. But Amazon, Asos, Boohoo and the rest don’t have to win the war.

The best retailers already know that superb experiences will capture customers today and into the future. When John Lewis opened its Westfield store last year, they revealed a store for the future. It even included an Experience Desk! Who says the Department Store is dead.

Look at the banks! Our most traditional, legacy industry finally ‘got’ experience. Halifax in Oxford Street has a coffee shop, and a kids zone! But I see small businesses too, creating pop-up experiences and placing an emphasis on good old face to face service that truly nurtures customers.

And only this week, Primark announced their biggest store ever in Birmingham will include a Disney-themed cafe and shopping area, a beauty studio, a Hogwarts Wizarding World section, a custom lab is going to enable shoppers to print personalised T-shirts and other clothing, and shoppers will also be able to donate old clothes and shoes of any brand for recycling. That’s how big retailers face the future.

The very best know that customer experience should be just that… an actual experience. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive, immersive experience. It just has to be impressive, memorable and savoured – talked about; that can be done equally well by great sales people, caring service staff – usually happy employees. (That’s another blog right there!)

Of course, lifting ‘bricks and mortar’ shopping up by its bootstraps and elevating it to something fun and exciting is not just a question of sorting the people element out. Incorporating online and digital innovation into a traditional business is also key.

Retailers must have first-class online experiences AND in store experiences, that allow the customer to navigate seamlessly between the two. Every channel and stage of the customer journey must be bench-marked and tested against customer expectations that have been rigorously researched.

The future may be ominously dictated by Amazon again, having now taken big steps in to ‘bricks and mortar’, opening physical bookstores, Amazon Go grocery stores and the Amazon 4 Star store. Why? Because they intend to show customers how in store retail should be done, blended with online, marrying the two worlds in to one, with a focus on removing all the friction points remaining that still frustrate consumers. Ouch!

At Yomdel we’re obsessed with great customer experience. We watch keenly, and we help everywhere we can. We’d be delighted to hear your thoughts and responses. Email us anytime at info@yomdel.com


Yomdel is one of the UK’s premier providers of Customer Experience Services, including:

Live Chat – real people answering customer questions via your website 24/7
Mystery Shopping – testing your team to make sure they really are excelling face to face. And rewarding them for doing so.
Market Research – understanding customer expectations of your business, and how you can exceed them, to grow your customer lifetime value.
Topics: customer experience CX
12 min read

Proptech leaders join forces to power agencies forward

By Andy Soloman on 26/03/19 12:51

Property services Industry leaders join forces to help estate agencies through a volatile market
Topics: Estate Agents Property
2 min read

How do retailers remain relevant in today’s digital world?

By Andy Soloman on 12/03/19 12:19

The spotlight of UK retail has shifted from a poor performance over the Christmas period to the challenges that now lie ahead for bricks and mortar outlets to remain relevant in a digital age of convenience and better value.

Topics: digital retail
1 min read

Free food...! Why?? - Yomdel Live Chat

By Chris Smith on 25/02/19 15:36

The Restaurant Manager wanted to give us free meals even though the service was excellent and food was great.

Topics: customer experience CX
9 min read

Who has thrown the best political house party?

By Andy Soloman on 22/02/19 17:48

The UK’s current political landscape is in turmoil and with both main parties fighting among themselves and the latest developments of a Labour Party split with seven of its members resigning the party whip. With Nigel Farage also waiting in the wings with his new Brexit Party should Article 50 be further extended, it could all get a bit more uncertain yet, so we've looked at which party is the best for house price growth to at least settle one debate. 

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Property prices with love in the address sell for 105% more on average

By Andy Soloman on 14/02/19 15:44

We may be going through a messy break up with our long-term European partner, but the UK property market is still showing the love with properties selling in 15 locations with love in the name – almost all of them for above average price.

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Interest rates freeze but house price growth yet to thaw

By Andy Soloman on 13/02/19 07:31

The Bank of England has made the decision to leave interest rates frozen at 0.75%, a decision welcomed by many.

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UK property market slow out of the blocks in 2019

By Andy Soloman on 06/02/19 07:47

The latest Nationwide House Price Index has been released and with it came the first look at UK property market health in 2019.

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Shop prices increase at the highest rate in almost six years

By Simon Taylor on 05/02/19 15:41

The latest Shop Price Index from the British Retail Consortium shows that shop prices increased by 0.4% in January, the fastest pace of annual growth in nearly six years. Despite this uplift, experts have warned that inflation is not currently a risk provided the UK can avoid a no-deal Brexit. 

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The UK’s unlikely smart home hotspots

By Andy Soloman on 30/01/19 16:19

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House price growth stutters as political headwinds hit gale force

By Andy Soloman on 18/01/19 17:09

This week the latest UK House Price Index provided us with a concrete look at the state of the market.

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Annoucement: property gamechanger at the Guild Conference 2019!

By Simon Taylor on 17/01/19 15:40

We've taken our next step in shaking up the traditional estate agency sector by offering The Guild of Property Professionals member agents our award-winning live chat service free of charge. 

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Say hello to Simon, our new Marketing Director

By Chris Smith on 16/01/19 14:22

We’re proud to announce our first high-profile hire for 2019, appointing Simon Taylor as Marketing Director.

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Halifax figures bring festive cheer for UK homeowners

By Andy Soloman on 12/01/19 14:10

Despite a rocky year of political uncertainty for the UK housing market, the latest figures for Halifax show that December brought some festive cheer for homeowners as house prices increased by 1.3% on a monthly basis, up 2.2% year on year.

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No Christmas miracle for UK retail as sector flatlines in December

By Chris Smith on 11/01/19 17:53

While December saw a positive uplift in the housing market, the same can’t be said for the UK retail sector.

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BRC says shop prices up in December despite heavy discounting

By Andy Soloman on 09/01/19 08:21

The latest BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index shows that overall inflation accelerated to 0.3% last month compared to a year ago, and up from 0.1% in November.

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UK house price growth slows in December says Nationwide

By Andy Soloman on 08/01/19 10:01

The latest Nationwide House Price Index has been released for December providing the first look at how the UK property market performed in 2018.

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Yomdel's Andy Soloman interviewed on talkRADIO

By Andy Soloman on 05/01/19 15:33

Yomdel's Founder & CEO, Andy Soloman, was interviewed about falling or slowing house price growth by Jamie East on "Eastworld", broadcast on London radio station talkRADIO on 4th January.

Topics: talkRADIO Nationwide House Price Index
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House price growth hits a 63-month low

By Andy Soloman on 20/12/18 13:09

The latest UK HPI has been released looking at house price growth across the UK and unfortunately for the nation’s homeowners, it shows that the rate of growth is at its lowest in 63 months!

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Buyer Activity is Highest During Christmas Eve - Yomdel

By Andy Soloman on 13/12/18 11:16

While many UK home sellers may choose to sit back and relax over the festive period with the intention of picking things back up in the New Year, data from Yomdel shows why having your property on the market over Christmas, particularly Christmas Eve, could aid your sale and secure a buyer in these tougher market conditions.

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House price growth slumps to six year low

By Andy Soloman on 10/12/18 14:26

The latest Halifax House Price Index doesn’t make for the most festive reading for homeowners across the UK, as house prices take a tumble in November.

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We're proud to support SOS Children's Village Davao

By Andy Soloman on 08/12/18 12:39

By Andy Soloman, Yomdel Founder & CEO

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Nationwide House Price Index: Unseasonal growth in November

By Andy Soloman on 06/12/18 08:13

The latest figures from Nationwide show that UK house prices have seen an unseasonal uplift in November, with the annual rate of growth currently at 1.9% compared to 1.6% this time last year.  There has also been a marginal monthly uplift of 0.3% between October and November after monthly growth remained static the previous month.

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Santa Integrates Live Web Chat into 2018 North Pole Operations

By Andy Soloman on 05/12/18 14:32

As the UK's leading provider of managed webchat, we're proud to announce that we've teamed up with Santa Claus to provide a quicker, cost-effective and more environmentally friendly way for children to deliver their Christmas wish lists this year.

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Help-to-buy hailed a success by government, but scepticism remains

By Andy Soloman on 04/12/18 10:36

The government has today released data detailing the success of its various Help-to-Buy schemes.

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Buyer demand returns as mortgage approvals climb

By Andy Soloman on 28/11/18 13:18

The latest mortgage approvals data from the British Bankers’ Association has been released for October and the data shows that the number of British homebuyers applying for a mortgage increased from 38.5k to nearly 39.7k month on month.

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Rate of house-price growth lowest since March 2013

By Andy Soloman on 09/11/18 08:01

This week’s Halifax House Price Index shows house prices have continued to climb, despite the rate of growth slowing to its lowest point since March 2013. 

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Christmas season brings another slump in shop prices

By Andy Soloman on 08/11/18 15:07

This week the latest BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index was released, providing the latest look at the state of the UK retail sector.

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Interest rates frozen at 0.75%

By Andy Soloman on 01/11/18 13:51

The Bank of England has just made the decision to leave interest rates frozen at 0.75%.

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Top Christmas Consumer Spend Trends for 2018

By Andy Soloman on 30/10/18 18:04

You may have seen our CEO and Business Growth Expert Andy Soloman feature in the Independent I this week around the top consumer trends for Christmas 2018, but if you missed it you can read the full article right here.

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Autumn Budget brings big boost for British business

By Andy Soloman on 30/10/18 16:55

Yesterday’s Autumn Budget may have lacked any meaningful announcements where the UK property market is concerned, but it certainly delivered in giving the nation’s small business owners a boost in what has been a rough ride over the last year or so.

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Mortgage approvals dip in September

By Andy Soloman on 29/10/18 16:45

According to the trade body, UK Finance, the number of mortgage approvals recorded in September fell year-on-year.

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Online Continues its Retail Take Over - Yomdel

By Andy Soloman on 21/10/18 15:15

The latest retail sales figures from the Office for National Statistics have been released shining a light on the current state of the UK retail sector. 

Topics: retail
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House prices still on the up, but the rate of growth slows

By Andy Soloman on 19/10/18 14:06

The latest house price figures from the UK House Price Index were released this week providing a comprehensive look at the state of the UK market.

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British retail hits five-month sales slump

By Andy Soloman on 11/10/18 10:28

The latest figures on like-for-like sales from the British Retail Consortium have just been released, shining some light on the performance of the British retail sector in September, based on actual sales from participating companies.

Topics: BRC
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London’s private jet property price uplifts

By Andy Soloman on 10/10/18 16:53

It’s not been an easy ride for London’s most prestigious homeowners since the market crash of 2007 when property values across prime central London plummeted (and everywhere else for that matter). To rub salt in the wound, the top end of the market has seen the largest adjustment in asking prices due to the impact from an uncertain market in Brexit limbo.

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Are you prepared for the Christmas consumer onslaught?

By Andy Soloman on 06/10/18 14:30

The latest Shop Price Index from the British Retail Consortium was released last night, and the top line figures show good news for the UK retail sector as strong consumer demand has seen the price of goods increase by 0.2%.

Topics: retail BRC Shop Price Index
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Halifax House Price Index – September 2018

By Andy Soloman on 05/10/18 15:34

The latest house price index has been released providing a further indicator on the health of the UK property market.

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Nationwide House Price Index - September 2018

By Andy Soloman on 02/10/18 12:23

Nationwide has released its latest house price index for September, including its third quarterly view for 2018.

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Hometrack Cities Index - City House Prices Up 3.9%

By Andy Soloman on 27/09/18 12:03

The latest Hometrack Cities Index for August is out and shows that house price growth across the UK’s 20 major cities is currently running at 3.2%.

Topics: Property Prices Hometrack City House Prices
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Tim Breden on Newstalk radio

By Andy Soloman on 25/09/18 09:00

Yomdel's Chief Operating Officer, Tim Breden, was interviewed on the future of the high street by Bobby Kerr on "Down to Business", broadcast on Irish radio station Newstalk 106-108fm on 22nd September.

Topics: Tim Breden retail radio newstalk interview
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The Death of the High Street - Yomdel

By Andy Soloman on 17/09/18 11:56

With greater choice, value, and convenience, online shopping is taking the UK by storm, with almost 20% of all purchases now taking place online.

Although day-to-day we probably don’t think about the overall impact of our inclination to turn to Amazon before our local high street, we’re sadly now starting to see more and more shops - that we thought we could always rely on to be there - close down as a result.

We recently ran some research using retail sales data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) because we wanted to see how prominent internet shopping has become in recent years – and what this will mean for the future of bricks and mortar retail.

While online spending varies throughout the year (with expected spikes around Christmas for example) it has grown dramatically since 2007. 11 years ago, the average number of online sales as a proportion of all retail was just 3.3% while so far this year, online sales already account for 17.5% of all retail transactions. This represents a 1.29% average growth every year.

Now common sense would suggest that with constant digital innovation, year-on-year growth is only set to speed up, but even if we did continue to follow this trend of 1.29% growth each year, a quarter of all retailing will be done online by 2024! It’s starting to make sense now why we’re slowly but surely losing our high street…

By 2044 half of all purchases will be carried online, and by 2082 we’ll eventually hit 100%.

In reaction to these findings, our Founder and CEO Andy Soloman, commented:

As a company that has pioneered innovation in business through technology, we welcome any development that can help improve a business, both from a professional and consumer standpoint. This research shows how prominent technology and the internet is becoming in our day-to-day shopping habits, and further innovation to the retail sector could even see the high street struggle to compete a lot sooner than these figures suggest.

However, we believe the human element is absolutely vital in commerce - even with the best technology - and particularly when dealing with complex customer enquiries. Rather than the high street becoming obsolete, we like to believe it will survive and evolve to deal with the changing face of consumer behaviour as people will always value that personal aspect that a physical shop provides.

What’s perhaps more important for high street retailers to consider, is how they not only pivot with the times, but integrate a successful solution into their current offering to accommodate a growing preference for customers to approach and engage with their business online. This could be through a more engaging website, web-based contact options such as automated contact forms, a well-formed FAQs section or a managed live chat service. The internet isn’t going away, but there’s more than enough room for everyone to exist and to use it to our benefit.

Topics: High Street online retail online shoppers
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Live chats: our funniest (read weirdest) chats!

By Andy Soloman on 16/08/18 13:02

Recent innovations in technology have allowed businesses to connect with their customers wherever they are in the world, at any time of day. Live chat, is the perfect example, enabling companies to have proper conversations 24/7. But that doesn't mean that all of those conversations necessarily make sense...

Topics: Live Chat customer experience human interaction
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Yomdel is growing rapidly, and I love this journey

By Andy Soloman on 26/06/18 10:04

Yomdel is on an amazing journey, and in four years we have consistently doubled our revenue year-on-year and grown to become the leading provider of managed live chat services in the UK. Our acquisition this week of customer experience experts 360 Perspectives marks the next stage in our evolution.

Topics: Managed Live Chat Acquisition customer experience
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Press release: Yomdel broadens its offering with key acquisition

By Andy Soloman on 26/06/18 00:01

The pioneer of 24/7 fully-managed live chat services today announced its first acquisition, extending its offering to further support the growth of businesses across the UK.

Yomdel, the UK’s award-winning provider of high-quality managed live chat that enables businesses to be “open all hours”, has acquired 360 Perspectives, one of the UK’s leading mystery shopping and market research agencies, for an undisclosed sum.

Andy Soloman, CEO and Founder of Yomdel was pleased to announce the news. “This is a really exciting time for our business. Since launching in 2014 we have worked hard to broaden our product portfolio from intelligent 24/7 live chat to include a suite of other complementary products and services.

“We recognise that rather than working with multiple suppliers, our clients seek an expert that can offer an integrated solution to help them drive business growth. That’s what made 360 Perspectives, with its expertise in customer experiences, the ideal acquisition.”

360 Perspectives started in 2004 and over time has developed a wide array of products and now offers hundreds of services that provide businesses with vital insight into the behaviour of their prospects, customers and employees. Offerings include benchmarking projects and competitor analysis as well as consumer behaviour studies and mystery phone calls. 360 Perspectives works with multiple sectors, including property, retail and e-commerce and have conducted over 50,000 mystery shops to the estate and lettings agency sector this year alone.

“By now being able to offer a whole host of fantastic additional services, we are extending our position as a true business growth partner to our clients,” Soloman continued.

The expanded Yomdel will continue to be led by Founder & CEO Andy Soloman and MD Tim Breden, while 360 Perspective’s Founder, Nick Meinertzhagen, will continue to lead growth for the acquired firm as well as taking on a broader role for Yomdel as Head of Customer Experience. This approach will provide businesses with a one-stop solution that gives access to experts without diluting either offering.

MD Tim Breden welcomed Nick Meinertzhagen to the Yomdel Group. “We’re delighted to be working with a fantastic new team at 360 Perspectives. Nick brings with him over 14 years of experience in the field of consumer insight and we have no doubt that he will be a huge asset to the business.”

Yomdel currently generates significant growth for its clients by offering a range of services that includes unique innovations such as Yomdel Live Connect which instantly connects a chat with a hot lead to a phone call. Customers can also benefit from integrations with their CRM system, diary management and engagement via SMS.

Breden concluded: “While looking forward to a prosperous relationship with 360 Perspectives, Yomdel continues to look ahead, seeking further acquisition opportunities to become the ultimate business growth partner to our customers.”

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5 reasons managed live chat is a must for your website

By Andy Soloman on 20/06/18 12:13

Whether you’re looking to drive more sales, increase lead generation, or improve the customer service and support that you offer online, having managed live chat on your website will make a huge difference to the performance of your business.

There are so many reasons why having managed live chat on your website is a no-brainer. But we appreciate you don’t have all day, so here are just five key reasons…

Topics: Customer support lead generation Live Chat customer service
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Transforming distracted visitors into loyal customers

By Andy Soloman on 06/06/18 18:42

It's not what you know, it's who you know. Right? I'd argue it's a bit of both. Over the past few years Yomdel has worked closely with an amazing search marketing agency in Norwich called Fountain Partnership. Together we have helped contribute to the significant growth of the disruptive national estate agency business EweMove.

Topics: Google Managed Live Chat CRO conversion rate optimisation presentation
2 min read

We have a winner!

By Andy Soloman on 23/05/18 10:43

Congratulations to Samantha Bateman from Belvoir! who has won an Amazon voucher from Yomdel worth £100!

Topics: Business Estate Agents Property Real Estate Small and medium enterprises SMEs customer service company news best practice Managed Live Chat
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Excelerate your business – our Google Connect event

By Andy Soloman on 17/05/18 11:57

With the world at our fingertips, our expectations have changed. We want everything now, and as a business we’re consistently embracing new technologies to make this happen. Digital marketing is an integral part of our business model, as it is for all the most innovative estate agents.

Topics: Estate Agents Lead conversion Real Estate best practice Managed Live Chat CRO conversion rate optimisation
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FUTURE: PropTech & Yomdel announce strategic partnership

By Andy Soloman on 20/03/18 11:37

Here at Yomdel, we are delighted to announce our newest strategic partnership with FUTURE: PropTech, the world’s leading event focussed on emerging property technology solutions, which through bringing human interaction online is aimed at bridging the digital and real worlds.

Topics: PropTech Managed Live Chat
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Yomdel enables The Property Ombudsman to assist more people

By Andy Soloman on 07/03/18 20:23

At Yomdel we are really proud of the client relationships we have. It is a true collaboration, and when we sit down and work closely together (as in the case of The Property Ombudsman below) the results can be genuinely outstanding. The following article is important for a number of reasons. Interestingly, very few if any other Ombudsmen services or consumer redress schemes in the UK, offer people the ability to engage 24/7 via managed live chat online. This really should be a critical component of any scheme, after all the goal is to offer people information, help and support, and to be most effective these services need to be readily available all of the time. In the case below, a big finding is that many people are simply unaware of their rights, or processes, and enabling them to quickly find answers to common queries and point them back to be able to resolve their issues without needing to get to the point of last recourse and seek redress through an official scheme.

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Find out what the top 3 best estate agents have in common

By Andy Soloman on 21/01/18 12:57

The best estate agents in the UK in 2017 have been identified by review site allAgents. Aside from these three agents being loved by their customers, they have one thing in common: They all use Yomdel to provide award-winning 24/7 customer support online.

Topics: customer service

20 Ways to Smash Search Marketing in 2018

By Andy Soloman on 05/01/18 09:13

Yesterday we published a blog post exploring just how important Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, was. Today we'd like to add to that by sharing wonderful infographic from the smart search experts at Click Consult  that explains just how SEO works.


Topics: infographic SEO
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Don't ignore SEO if you want to generate leads

By Andy Soloman on 04/01/18 09:30

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is important if you want more leads from your website. Successful online lead generation starts with driving visitors to your website through providing great and highly relevant content. So, if you want to think about increasing sales you need to think about SEO.  

According to Google’s statistics, in 2016 there was an averge of 9 billion searches a day on Google alone. It’s now even part of our vocabulary, where the term ‘Google it’ is universally understood when someone is looking for a product, service, or information.

Topics: lead generation Live Chat best practice SEO
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Why you shouldn’t ignore Facebook pages

By Andy Soloman on 03/01/18 09:30

Facebook is one platform you should never ignore, and Yomdel is able to extend its managed live chat service to your page. With over two billion active users worldwide, its dominance in the social media sector is hard to deny. As of the end of the year, there were 65 million business pages on Facebook, all hoping to grab the attention of its average 1.37 billion daily users.

Topics: Facebook lead generation Live Chat best practice
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How managed live chat takes the sting out of the New Year buzz

By Andy Soloman on 02/01/18 10:27

Managed live chat helps you get fully up and running in the New Year, gives your customers online a terrific experience, and helps you generate more business at a critical time in the year.

Topics: lead generation customer service Managed Live Chat
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How Yomdel managed live chat increased Northwood revenue

By Andy Soloman on 20/12/17 16:19

National UK estate and letting agency brand Northwood adopted 24/7 managed live chat from Yomdel in early 2016, and the results have been outstanding. The franchise network of around 90n offices spans the length and breadth of the country, and offers a variety of sales and lettings services. Always evolving and growing, Northwood originally came to Yomdel seeking a way to convert more of their website visitors in to leads, no matter what time of day or night. In this ‘on demand’ era, where consumers expect instant gratification, the ability to have your questions answered instantly is a clear competitive advantage.  

Topics: lead generation Live Chat Property sales conversion
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OneDome partnership announcement

By Andy Soloman on 14/12/17 09:38

As online experts in lead conversion and delivering the highest standards of customer care in a digital environment, we are delighted to announce that we are teaming up with proptech trail-blazers OneDome.  The partnership involves cross-promotion of each other's highly complementary services to new and existing clients to provide progressive estate agents a strong competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging marketplace.  

Topics: Property Property Tech company news
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5 Reasons why every estate agent should invest in live chat

By Andy Soloman on 07/12/17 08:01

It’s well recognised in the property industry today that an estate agent’s website is their single biggest branch – and in an increasing number of cases, their only branch. And as prop tech solutions continue to change the shape of how many in the industry manage their businesses, being digitally savvy is an increasingly key part of an estate agent’s job description.

Topics: lead generation Live Chat Property sales conversion
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Keep the valuable online leads coming over Christmas

By Andy Soloman on 06/12/17 12:20

 So you've booked the staff Christmas party and worked out your holiday opening hours but how are you going to keep your sales leads coming in when your business is closed?

Topics: Events lead generation Live Chat sales conversion
2 min read

Q&A with Rebecca Howard - Operations Manager

By Andy Soloman on 28/11/17 15:01

Here at Yomdel we like to think of ourselves as a friendly (yet professional) bunch. We’re passionate about delivering the best possible leads and customer service solutions to be found anywhere online, while at the same time delivering it with a smile.  

Topics: lead generation Live Chat company news
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Yomdel attend the 24th Annual RAN Awards

By Andy Soloman on 24/11/17 18:02

Yomdel were proud to attend the 24th Relocation Agent Network annual conference and awards which took place in London on the 17th November. Not only did the event include celebration of the successes of the deserving winners (including several Yomdel clients), over 425 delegates participated in keynote conference sessions from across and outside the industry.

Topics: Events Live Chat Property company news
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How Yomdel Chat can generate leads for your business

By Andy Soloman on 21/11/17 15:05

No one likes to be sold to. That experience when you walk into a store and feel like the sales person is stalking you, we all hate it. They bombard you with conversation starters to try and get you talking and, without listening, tell you that the product that you just happen to have glanced at is exactly right for you. It’s the type of sales technique that makes us want to run a mile, but it is surprising how many companies still employ this method of selling. We can guarantee you that it doesn’t reassure the client that you genuinely understand their buying needs, and will rarely convert into a sale.

Topics: Customer engagement Lead conversion Live Chat
2 min read

Yomdel recognised again as a winner by the property industry

By Andy Soloman on 13/11/17 10:12

Yomdel's continuing success in the property industry was recently recognised at the 2017 Negotiator Awards in London. We were delighted to take home bronze in Supplier of the Year: Technology category, particularly as we were one of seventeen short-listed and included many big, established names in the industry. 

Topics: Live Chat Property Property Tech
4 min read

Managed live chat versus inhouse live chat: What's the difference?

By Andy Soloman on 01/11/17 17:18


Any live chat  solution will involve placing code on your website to allow for a two way conversation  in real time between the website visitor and a company representative.  At a basic level there are two different options for businesses to choose between when it comes to selecting a live chat solution for their business.

Topics: Customer support Live Support Customer engagement Customer relationship management Live Chat
2 min read

Are you reactive or proactive when it comes to customer service?

By Andy Soloman on 30/10/17 16:56

We all demand more today; our online world has created a culture of instant gratification, as everything is at our fingertips and we can get everything we want, now. So the question is - how long do you expect your clients to wait for a response from a member of your team? And more importantly - how long are they prepared to wait?  Therefore the big question is: are you reactive or proactive when it comes to customer service?

Topics: Customer engagement Live Chat customer service
2 min read

Yomdel voted the best live chat provider for estate agents

By Andy Soloman on 30/10/17 11:40

Yomdel has been recognised as the best provider of managed live chat services to UK estate agents and as one on the overall top suppliers to the sector in the country. At the first ever EA Masters Awards, we were awarded Silver for best overall medium-sized supplier and described as exceptional by the judges.

Topics: Live Chat Property Property Tech ea masters
3 min read

The power of reviews and why you should take notice

By Andy Soloman on 30/10/17 10:40

No matter how much money you spend on marketing and advertising, you cannot compete of the power of word of mouth. It doesn’t matter if it is a conversation on the street or online, that personal opinion, review or testimonial can carry more weight in just a few words than a full-scale marketing campaign. Good reviews can persuade and convert; bad ones can diminish or hinder everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Topics: Customer engagement Customer relationship management referrals reviews
2 min read

The last few live chat myths dispelled - or so we hope!

By Andy Soloman on 12/08/16 09:22

A few final myths about the impact that live chat can have on your business. 

If you have any questions about live chat, and how it might work for you, just give us a call, we always look forward to a chat!

Topics: Business Customer E-commerce Live Chat myths Property Social Media Technology Yomdel Live Lead
1 min read

Could you convert more of your leads into sales? We think so…

By Andy Soloman on 04/08/16 13:16

Yomdel Live Connect. You might be wondering what that is? It’s as simple as the name suggests. With our new service, we make your customer’s digital experience more connected, and give you the opportunity to convert more leads into sales.

Topics: Customer E-commerce Lead conversion Live Chat Property Technology Yomdel connect

The increasing importance of live chat

By Andy Soloman on 22/07/16 17:07

Here's a little infographic based on data taken from the 2015 UK State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, which shows the impact live chat is starting to have on the customer experience in the UK. Contact Yomdel to let us help you take your business to the next level with Yomdel Live Lead.

Topics: digital Customer E-commerce infographic Live Chat Property Social Media Technology United Kingdom Yomdel Live Lead
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More live chat myths dispelled

By Andy Soloman on 21/07/16 14:33

Following on from last week’s blog about live chat myths we got some really interesting questions from readers of the blog, so we are going to attempt to dispel a few more myths prior to the summer holidays.

Topics: Customer Customer engagement E-commerce holidays Live Chat Property ROI SMEs Social Media sunshine Technology Yomdel Live Lead
1 min read

Andy Soloman Fine & Country presentation

By Andy Soloman on 20/07/16 10:04

Andy Soloman, Founder and CEO of Yomdel, takes a few minutes at the recent Fine & Country Big Weekend to talk the attendees through the benefits of the Yomdel Live Lead service that has just been added to their websites.

Topics: Fine & Country Andy Soloman Events Live Chat Property Yomdel Live Lead
1 min read

Andy Soloman chats with ideology consulting

By Andy Soloman on 19/07/16 11:30

Our Founder and CEO, Andy Soloman, recently chatted with Mike Cattermole  as part of the ideology consulting video interview series with bright minds in the property sector.  

Topics: Blueberry Mortgages Fix Flo ideology consulting Customer Live Chat My Audience Social Media Yomdel Live Lead
3 min read

What is Live Chat? - Live chat myths explained

By Andy Soloman on 15/07/16 09:46

There is still uncertainty about live chat, even though its availability and use is becoming more and more widespread on websites we use. Here are some common myths about live chat…and the truth, according to Yomdel, behind them!

Topics: Business holiday Customer E-commerce Live Chat myths Property Revenue Social Media Technology Yomdel Live Lead
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Can Yomdel help your business, post Brexit?

By Andy Soloman on 14/07/16 09:20

A recent survey of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has shown that new buyer enquiries in the run-up to and immediate aftermath of the EU referendum fell to their lowest reading since mid-2008, while instructions had their steepest fall on record with 45% more surveyors reporting a drop (source Property Industry Eye)

Topics: Brexit Customer Live Chat Property Social Media Technology Yomdel Live Lead
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Using Live chat to offer omni channel support to your clients

By Andy Soloman on 13/07/16 13:31

Omni channel support, you may ask yourself. What on earth is that? Well, if you are looking to invest in your website, increase your business and generally make your company more customer friendly to the 21st century shopper, you need to be omni channel ready.

Topics: Customer E-commerce Live Chat revenue generation Technology Yomdel Live Lead
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A Yomdel Poem by Carolyn Lewin-Jenkins

By Andy Soloman on 08/07/16 12:50

Written by Carolyn Lewin-Jenkins

Topics: Customer Customer engagement Live Chat poem Yomdel Live Lead
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How is your company coping with the 24/7 customer experience?

By Andy Soloman on 05/07/16 15:43

The introduction of mobile technology has led to a rapid adoption of a 24/7 culture: not only is it now seen as normal that you read your work emails during the evening, but also that your customers expect to be able to get answers to questions outside of the traditional office hours.

Topics: digital Customer E-commerce holidays Live Chat Technology Yomdel Live Lead
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How are you looking after your web visitors?

By Andy Soloman on 01/07/16 11:35

In a world where digital dominates almost everything we do, many businesses across the UK are changing the way they think about customer service. More and more customers are opting to use platforms such as social media to communicate with businesses, and many are using that as an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with the service received. As a result, exchanges between customers and businesses, on platforms such as Twitter, regularly ‘go viral’. And these sorts of exchanges reflect a significant change in the methods now used by consumers to interact with businesses.

Topics: Business Customer Live Chat marketing Sales Technology Yomdel Live Lead
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Seven Steps to Poor Customer Service

By Andy Soloman on 29/06/16 10:55

Have you seen this recent blog by Daniel Bailey, courtesy of Customer Experience Magazine?

Topics: Business Customer E-commerce Live Chat Outsourcing Social Media Technology Yomdel Live Lead

Video from FUTURE: Property Tech

By Andy Soloman on 23/06/16 15:35

Following Yomdel’s recent appearance at FUTURE Property Tech, our CEO and founder, Andy Soloman, gave this short interview. He gives a brief overview of the services Yomdel provide. Not sure if live chat fits your sector? We work in an ever expanding number of sectors including property, finance, automotive, travel and hospitality, helping our customers and partners to provide a fantastic digital customer experience. 

Topics: Business Estate agent Andy Soloman Customer E-commerce Events lead generation Live Chat Property Technology
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PROPTECH: Yomdel will be at FUTURE: Property Tech

By Andy Soloman on 17/05/16 11:54

At Yomdel we like to carefully choose events we attend. Be they exhibitions or conferences, for us the most important thing is not necessarily how many people will be there but the calibre of the people that will be attending.

Topics: Business FUTURE: Property Tech Google Codenode Estate Agents Events Live Chat Property Property Tech PropTech Real Estate Technology United Kingdom Yomdel Live Lead
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VIDEO: Estate agent saw leads up 47% with Yomdel

By Andy Soloman on 06/04/16 13:00

At Yomdel, we love it hear of success stories from our estate agent clients and the impact that our 24/7 live chat service has made on their business. In this video, Andy, our CEO and Founder, explains the stunningly brilliant results achieved in the first few weeks for a well-known UK national network of estate and letting agents.

Topics: Business Estate agent lead gen Andy Soloman Customer Lead conversion lead generation Live Chat Property Real estate broker United Kingdom Yomdel Live Lead
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Carol Smillie hears how EweMove won instructions

By Andy Soloman on 24/03/16 18:38

At Yomdel we frequently hear from our clients such as EweMove on how leads generated by our live chat service have converted into significant chunks of business, but we rarely hear much from the web visitor on the other end of the chat. Yes, we see the usually excellent post chat feedback, but it is always good to see what happens next after our client has secured the business.

Topics: Estate agent EweMove Carol Smillie Customer instruction lead generation Live Chat Property Yomdel Live Lead Yorkshire
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Testimonial - Scottish Shutters says Yomdel helps generate revenue

By Andy Soloman on 23/10/15 13:21

At Yomdel, we take huge pride in our managed live chat services and nothing makes us happier than when  a client thanks us and says they generate revenue as a direct result of our Yomdel Live Lead service. Judith D'Ambrosio of The Scottish Shutter Company has just sent us this video to describe the experience of working with Yomdel and, importantly, to let us know that we have helped her generate thousands of pounds of new business.

Topics: Business Judith D'Ambrosio Customer Lead conversion lead generation Live Chat Revenue Scottish Shutters Testimonial The Scottish Shutter Company Windows Yomdel Live Lead
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Infographic: Social Support Strategy For Improved Customer Service

By Andy Soloman on 24/07/15 19:08

This infographic from Salesforce explores social support that brands need to extend in order to improve customer service.

Topics: Business Live Support Customer infographic Live Chat Social Media
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Ewemove contributes video testimonials

By Andy Soloman on 04/07/15 22:10

We've been working with Ewemove since around October last year. In that time we have developed a very close relationship and been a trusted partner as the national sales and lettings franchise rapidly expands. We started by supporting Ewemove franchisee recruitment, and very quickly then deployed our live chat services across the entire network.

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Video - Entrepreneurs Circle presents Yomdel to drive conversions

By Andy Soloman on 26/04/15 20:58

We all know that our clients should be our greatest advocates, and so it is with Yomdel. It makes us hugely proud that our rapid growth is being fuelled not by an ever-increasing marketing spend but through referrals from networks where our clients are active. One such example is that of EweMove.com, the national estate agency franchise. It just so happens that EweMove are active within the Nigel Botterill's Entrepreneurs Circle, the UK's largest membership organisation devoted to business growth.

Topics: Business conference Entrepreneurs Circle EweMove Customer Lead conversion Live Chat Nigel Botterill Small and medium enterprises United Kingdom video Yomdel Live Lead
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Open all hours - 24/7 property management need not be stressful

By Andy Soloman on 26/04/15 19:52

This is a guest post from our friends at Fixflo. At Yomdel, we know the importance of helping businesses engage with their customers 24/7, and so do our partners at Fixflo. Gone are the days when any business could dictate when it was open, and in the digital world customers now expect to be able to do whatever they need to do whenever it is convenient for them.

Topics: Fix Flo Property management Customer letting agents Property Property manager Property repairs Real Estate Tenants
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Capture estate agent leads 24/7 just by chatting

By Andy Soloman on 19/09/14 15:09

Topics: Estate agent Live Support Customer lead generation Live Chat Property Twitter Yomdel Live Lead
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How traditional estate agents use live chat to engage online

By Andy Soloman on 14/07/14 16:02

NOTE: This post first appeared on the website Estate Agent UK Networking under the headline"Bridging the high street branch with the digital world".

Topics: Estate agent lead gen Live Support Andy Soloman letting agents Live Chat marketing Property Website Yomdel Live Lead
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Free White Paper - The Future of Estate Agent Lead Generation

By Andy Soloman on 06/05/14 13:08

Even as the UK property market continues to pick up, estate agents and letting agents face a critical task to ensure they are securing a steady stream of high quality leads. Of course, many estate agents these days rely heavily on the property advertising portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla as they (rightly) believe most people start off looking through aggregated listings, but they should not ignore their own websites.

Topics: Estate agent flats Customer house sales Houses Lead conversion lead generation letting agents Live Chat Property Real Estate Rightmove Website Yomdel Live Lead Zoopla
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Yomdel Live Lead to revolutise estate agent lead generation

By Andy Soloman on 05/05/14 22:13

We're delighted to introduce Yomdel Live Lead, our new service that is set to revolutionise real time lead generation for estate agents and letting agents. This live chat service offers free 24/7 operator support on client websites and then just charges a nominal fee for each lead collected.

Topics: Estate agent Live Support lead generation letting agents Live Chat marketing motion graphic Proactive chat Property Yomdel Live Lead
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Online Sales Assistants Complete The Ecommerce Experience

By Andy Soloman on 02/05/14 10:06


Topics: High Street M&S Customer E-commerce JD Sports Live Chat Sainsbury's
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Five Great Reasons To Avoid Providing Live Chat on Your Website

By Andy Soloman on 01/05/14 11:29

Live chat is all the rage. Customers generally like it, businesses like it, it really is a win for all. But not everyone is completely in love with the idea of being able to instantly resolve issues, get information or have their questions answered.

Topics: FAQ Channels Customer E-commerce Lead conversion Live Chat Outsourcing
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Online shopping stops for dinner? Or does it?

By Andy Soloman on 10/04/14 12:41

Online shopping or dinner? Or is it online shopping with dinner? The answer it seems, is down to where you come from. For some, a good meal is enough to put online shopping on hold, while for others their shopping continues irrespective of what delicacies are being served up.

Topics: Britain dinner food France Germany Idealo Italy E-commerce infographic Italians lunch
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Key ecommerce trends in Asia - Infographic

By Andy Soloman on 09/04/14 12:41

Online shopping is booming, but what of ecommerce trends across Asia? It is estimated that 42% of the world's internet users live in Asia, and the region is leading the way in terms of ecommerce via mobile devices. Dubai-based web agency Go-Globe has taken a deep dive into emerging ecommerce trends in Asia and come up with the following fantastic infographic.

Topics: Dubai ecommerce trends China E-commerce Indonesia infographic Japan
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4 ways to inspire passion in your online shoppers

By Andy Soloman on 03/04/14 13:19

Inspiring passion in your online shoppers is no easy task. Without the human touch offered by an in-store sales assistant, online shoppers are free to duck in quietly, lurk around almost unseen in dark corners and then slink off without so much as a by-your-leave.

Topics: Facebook Live Support Customer E-commerce Live Chat online personal shopper online shoppers Personal shopper Proactive chat Shopping cart Twitter
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10 great ways live chat supports personal retailing

By Andy Soloman on 02/04/14 10:18

Personal retailing is key to driving customer loyalty, with customers increasingly expecting "Access Anywhere" and "Availability Always", according to a new research report from Oracle.

Topics: Customer E-commerce infographic Live Chat Oracle Redshift Research Research
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Yomdel launches named personal shoppers via live chat

By Andy Soloman on 01/04/14 11:43

Personal shoppers via live chat? Yes absolutely. Here at Yomdel we have carefully listened to our clients and today we're delighted to announce the launch of Yomdel Personal, the world’s first named personal shoppers that online retailers could use via live chat to accompany and advise their most loyal customers.

Topics: Brick and mortar Customer Customer relationship management E-commerce Live Chat Yomdel Personal
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Should UK retailers use live chat support for discount codes?

By Andy Soloman on 28/03/14 16:37

By Andy Soloman, CEO, Yomdel

Topics: Burberry Epson Live Support Schuh chat buttons Customer E-commerce Live Chat Nike Proactive chat Reactive chat
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Where are the online shopping assistants?

By Andy Soloman on 26/03/14 11:05

By Tim Breden, Commercial Director

Topics: FAQ Customer E-commerce Live Chat
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Reduce Cart Abandonment With Live Chat (Infographic)

By Andy Soloman on 25/03/14 09:55

 Cart abandonment can be driven by a variety of factors. But while so much time is spent by ecommerce businesses agonising over improving user experience to boost conversion rates, all too often the critical ingredient of human interaction is missed. In a traditional shop, personal service is often what sets an outlet apart. The customer feels good, and as a consequence both sends more money and recommends the shop to people within their network. How many online retailers have still yet to adopt live chat backed by professional live chat operators as a channel to offer onsite human interaction and customer support?

Topics: Customer support operator professionalism Customer E-commerce infographic Lead conversion Live Chat Shopping cart
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Determining the cost of live chat services

By Andy Soloman on 20/03/14 18:10

Topics: Live Support Customer E-commerce Live Chat
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4 Ways To Avoid Live Chat Problems

By Andy Soloman on 14/03/14 11:22

Topics: Customer E-commerce Lead conversion Live Chat Proactive chat Reactive chat Social media
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VIDEO - The benefits of live chat in 6 minutes

By Andy Soloman on 15/04/13 10:08

At this year's Internet Retailing Expo, Yomdelier in Chief Andy, presented a brief introduction to the benefits of live chat to a packed audience in the eSeller "Advanced Selling Techniques" conference.

In six minutes he showed the audience just how live chat can help their businesses increase sales and create more happy customers. The presentation showed:

Topics: Customer E-commerce Live Chat NEC Slideshare video
2 min read

Yomdel says "thank you" to all its ecommerce visitors at IRX13

By Andy Soloman on 23/03/13 16:13

Wow. What a week. We're just back from a cracking few days in Birmingham where Yomdel had its full commercial launch at the Internet Retailing Expo 2013 (known as IRX13). It's always going to be a little nail-biting before any major event, but we got there, and bar a few mishaps along the way, the stand looked fantastic and we had loads of people coming to say "Hi" and enquire about how Yomdel could help them.

Topics: Birmingham Car Parts DIY Fancy Dress Insurance Internet Retailing Expo 2013 Customer E-commerce Events Live Chat NEC Topiary
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Online shopping in real life - video

By Andy Soloman on 15/03/13 10:31


Topics: Business Facebook Google Analytics High Street E-commerce Live Chat Social media Website ZMOT
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Yomdel Launches IRX Big Give at Internet Retailing Expo

By Andy Soloman on 14/03/13 15:39

Yomdel today launched the IRX Big Give by pledging to donate 10% of all revenue coming from new business won via the Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) that takes place at the NEC in Birmingham next week on March 20/21.

3 min read

Outsourced live chat is an investment not a cost

By Andy Soloman on 07/03/13 10:36

By Tim Breden, Commercial Director, Yomdel

Topics: Business Customer E-commerce Live Chat Outsourcing outsourcing Website
6 min read

5 critical questions before deploying live chat

By Andy Soloman on 27/02/13 08:55

By Tim Breden, Commercial Director, Yomdel

Topics: Business Customer E-commerce Live Chat Outsourcing outsourcing
8 min read

5 ways live chat operators personalise online shopping

By Andy Soloman on 26/02/13 12:42

When looking to personalise online shopping, skilled live chat operators can play a major part. It is widely accepted that the more personal a shopping experience becomes, the more likely you are to convert a visitor into a customer, and then convert a customer into a loyal fan.

Topics: operator professionalism Customer E-commerce Live Chat Social media
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Want to meet Yomdel at the Internet Retailing Expo?

By Andy Soloman on 25/02/13 11:52

Come and meet Yomdel at IRX 2013

Topics: Birmingham events exhibitions Internet Retailing Expo online retail Customer E-commerce IRX NEC trade shows
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5 ways live chat operators enhance customer satisfaction

By Andy Soloman on 08/02/13 08:53

By Andy Soloman, CEO, Yomdel

Topics: Business Customer support Facebook Live Support Customer E-commerce Live Chat Twitter
6 min read

Live chat functionality - 15 winning ingredients

By Andy Soloman on 03/02/13 19:59

By Andy Soloman, CEO, Yomdel
There are numerous live chat software solutions out there on the market offering differing live chat functionality. The platform you choose will play an important role in delivering the success you need from your live chat service.

Topics: Business chat buttons Customer E-commerce Live Chat Technology Twitter
1 min read

Yomdel's 2nd Competition Tuesday. Prizes worth £1,000 up for grabs.

By Andy Soloman on 22/01/13 11:17

Topics: Competitions Facebook Live Support Customer E-commerce Live Chat
7 min read

How to test your live chat service: Part 4 - Choose your resources

By Andy Soloman on 21/01/13 22:06

By Rob North, COO, Yomdel

Topics: Business exit surveys Live Support operator professionalism Customer E-commerce Live Chat operator surveys Testing
7 min read

24/7 live chat resourcing needn't be expensive

By Andy Soloman on 18/01/13 13:21

By Andy Soloman, CEO, Yomdel
Live chat is growing in popularity, and more and more businesses are realising the fantastic results that can be achieved by having live chat operators standing ready to immediately answer customer queries. But unfortunately live chat resourcing remains a major hurdle for many businesses which leaves them failing to realise the full potential of real-time online customer engagement.

Topics: Business Live Support operator professionalism Customer E-commerce Live Chat Outsourcing outsourcing
5 min read

Live Chat: Five mistakes to avoid (via eSeller)

By Andy Soloman on 17/01/13 12:41

The following blog post was originally written for and published by eSeller.

Topics: Business eSeller Live Support Customer E-commerce Live Chat Proactive chat Reactive chat
3 min read

Social media engagement and the help desk revolution (infographic)

By Andy Soloman on 09/01/13 09:44

We know that social media is everywhere and Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others are driving convergence in behaviour. Social media has the power to bring people together, and to bring brands together with their customers. But importantly, social media engagement is also driving expectations that questions can be answered almost immediately.

Topics: Business Facebook Help desk Information graphics LinkedIn Customer Live Chat Social media Social Media Twitter
1 min read

Yomdel launches "Competition Tuesday" with live chat prizes

By Andy Soloman on 08/01/13 13:39

At Yomdel we want to find ways to help our clients and potential customers. Of course, once the Yomdel live chat operators are working on a website the results quickly speak for themselves. Ecommerce sales will increase, basket abandonment will drop and customer satisfaction will soar.

Topics: Competitions Customer E-commerce Live Chat
1 min read

What do you think of the new Yomdel letterhead design?

By Andy Soloman on 04/01/13 10:02

By now you will be quite familiar with the yellow Yomdel (some say he is orange, but I disagree) that lives in Yomdeland. It's a colourful, happy place where people get along well. Yomdel's live chat services are there to help online shoppers and web visitors as they go about securing the products and services needed in their everyday lives.

Topics: Matt Garbutt Yellow Digital design E-commerce letterhead web design
5 min read

Three ways live chat operators can handle tough questions

By Andy Soloman on 03/01/13 11:00

Every ecommerce business is special and each has special characteristics and special requirements. But while every customer has a unique set of wants and needs, there are also strong generic themes that run through online customer service enquiries.

Topics: Business Live Support Call centre Customer E-commerce Little Britain Live Chat Outsourcing
6 min read

Four New Year resolutions for successful ecommerce in 2013

By Andy Soloman on 31/12/12 14:28

Topics: Business content Facebook LinkedIn magento operator professionalism Customer E-commerce Live Chat Pinterest prestashop publishing Social media Social Media Twitter YouTube
2 min read

Instaservice: Customer service gets speedy and social

By Andy Soloman on 24/12/12 09:37

It's not that customers have suddenly become impatient, but our instant social media and other communication channels are creating a sense of expectation. If companies fail to engage quickly, openly and honestly they are leaving themselves open to, at best, criticism, and at worst, unhappy customers who swiftly head off to the competition.

Topics: Business Facebook Information graphics Live Support Customer E-commerce infographic Live Chat Social media Social Media Twitter Zendesk

Why the online customer experience matters (Infographics of the Year)

By Andy Soloman on 21/12/12 16:30

'Tis the season to be jolly aware that online customer experience really matters. This infographic from ForSee shows  us why. With over half of the Christmas shopping being done online this year, and with "satisfied" customers being 67% more likely to recommend your brand to others it doesn't take a genius to work out that those who pay more attention to online customer experience  now will reap the rewards in future. Remember what your parents told you about being good at Christmas? Well now you know.

Topics: Customer E-commerce infographic Live Chat Website
1 min read

How social logins affect ecommerce (Infographics of the Year)

By Andy Soloman on 20/12/12 14:27

At Yomdel we're constantly on the lookout for great infographics that succinctly gather key ecommerce intelligence and then present it in a simple yet engaging graphical style. As part of our end of year round up (yes, another one!), we thought it may be useful to share those infographics that best illustrate ecommerce trends and tips for best online customer service practice, with a particular reference to how live chat is increasingly emerging as a preferred online communication channel.

Topics: Business Information graphics Customer E-commerce infographic Live Chat Monetate Social media Social Media Twitter
1 min read

Live chat operator services, a brief introduction

By Andy Soloman on 19/12/12 16:03

Yomdel has live chat operator solutions for just about any market segment. Whether you are in online retail, property or entertainment, if your business has a website it is important to ensure you are not just attracting highly relevant traffic, but that you are seeking to engage with those people spending their precious time coming to visit. The last thing you want is for them to leave and more on to the competition purely because they have unanswered questions or because they are uncertain about something.

Topics: Live Support Customer E-commerce Live Chat Outsourcing outsourcing Slideshare Website
6 min read

Tackling shopping cart abandonment with live chat (infographic)

By Andy Soloman on 10/12/12 21:00

By Andy Soloman
In today's ZMOT world, online shoppers are easily distracted and cart abandonment is common. People are often less brand loyal than ever before and will be spending time reading reviews, comparison shopping and listening to what others are saying via social media channels.

Topics: Business Customer E-commerce infographic Live Chat Shopping cart Website
5 min read

How to test your live chat service: Part 3 - information requirements

By Andy Soloman on 08/12/12 23:27


Understand your information requirements
Topics: Customer Live Chat Testing
1 min read

Live chat solutions from Yomdel: How they work (Presentation)

By Andy Soloman on 04/12/12 19:02

At Yomdelhurst we have lots of people asking how we work and how Yomdel will be able to help grow their online business. The truth is that there is no one-size fits all approach to this, it very much depends on the structure of the business we are serving and the goals that need to be achieved.

Topics: Business Customer E-commerce Live Chat Slideshare Website
4 min read

Tablets fuel evening ecommerce rush hour

By Andy Soloman on 19/11/12 13:20

By Andy Soloman

Topics: BRI Comet Game High Street comScore Customer E-commerce iPad JJB Sports Live Chat Peacocks Tablets Technology
9 min read

5 reasons to outsource your live chat operators

By Andy Soloman on 15/11/12 13:16

By Andy Soloman

Topics: Business chat buttons Customer E-commerce Live Chat Outsourcing outsourcing Proactive chat Reactive chat Website
5 min read

How to test your live chat service: Part 2 – Defining test coverage

By Andy Soloman on 12/11/12 21:51


How will you go about defining test coverage for your live chat service?
Topics: Business operator professionalism chat buttons E-commerce Live Chat Proactive chat Testing