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How much do you help your best salesperson?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best salesperson of them all? Why, oh why, does every salesperson not look in a mirror every now and then?

The beauty of outsourced live chat: expert, easy, effective!

Being tempted to manage your Live Chat in house is a natural instinct, but look beneath the surface of your own business, and see where the value is...

Has Customer Experience turned football fans in to customers?

21st century customer expectations are sky high, and evermore challenging for businesses to live up to. Continuing our football theme, this week...

The Keys to Customer Experience: Leadership and Empathy

In all walks of life, empathy between people creates successful outcomes, never more so than in great Customer Experience. But leadership plays a...

Optimise your Live Chat for maximum conversion

How can I optimise live chat to increase conversions? A question often asked by business owners who realise live chat is something their customers...

Will Customer Experience change in 2020?

In Spring 2019, property market expert and industry correspondent Chris Watkin interviewed Yomdel's founding partners Andy Soloman and Tim Breden....

'Spend a Penny' with Just a Drop and Yomdel

Yomdel’s “Spend a Penny” campaign supports Just a Drop in its work bringing safe water and sanitation to communities worldwide. As a new decade...

The Highs and Lows of Estate Agency CX

How good is the Customer Experience in your Estate Agency? “We’re a small team. I know all my staff do a good job”

Customer Experience Integration - the Multiplier Effect

Integration is a crucial component of best in class Customer Experience. If the business doesn’t make the sale – everyone loses.
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