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Simon Townsend

Simon Townsend

As Operations Director, Simon makes Yomdel tick. He manages the operational strategy behind the service to ensure Yomdel clients enjoy the best results and highest quality or service delivery. Simon’s focus is leading our operational and IT development teams to deliver maximum efficiency, accuracy and speed across the Yomdel suite of products. If you’d like to talk to Simon about your business processes or communications, just get in touch at simon.townsend@yomdel.com

Recent posts by Simon Townsend

3 min read


By Simon Townsend on 12/03/21 08:30

UK businesses will now be scrambling fast to get back to some sort of normal, now there is roadmap out of Covid lockdown, and with the prospect of customers returning in droves, businesses are looking towards 24/7 Live Chat to help them maximise service levels and convert opportunity.

Topics: Live Chat Sales business strategy
3 min read


By Simon Townsend on 02/02/21 09:45

We all like to use the 'best' business in town, but there's a real trap if we mistake the busiest for the best. A business that starts out with a fabulous reputation, and wins customers fast off the back of it, can fall equally fast if they fail to manage their customer experience, and their customers' expectations.

A good customer experience is exactly as it says. It's good. Always, When you are quiet or bursting at the seams, under-staffed or over-subscribed, day or night, evenings and weekends.

Topics: Estate Agents customer experience
3 min read


By Simon Townsend on 22/12/20 08:45

One of the greatest challenges with any CRM system is the time and cost involved in managing the data. Do you ever feel like it's a waste your time manually entering new prospects into the system? When you really need to be converting prospects and selling more.

Topics: sales conversion crm business process
5 min read

Home Working & Home Schooling: the Parent Dilemma

By Simon Townsend on 03/04/20 08:45

Finding the right balance between managing your work commitments while the kids are at home is tough.

As the coronavirus crisis grips us ever tighter, globally we’re facing a time of unprecedented change, where schools are closed and more people than at any time in history are having to work from home.

Topics: Coronavirus Home Working
5 min read

Optimise your Live Chat for maximum conversion

By Simon Townsend on 24/01/20 10:54

How can I optimise live chat to increase conversions? A question often asked by business owners who realise live chat is something their customers will benefit from, but don't really understand how it works. Or, just as often, by businesses that have implemented a version of live chat, but aren't seeing any clear results.

Topics: Lead conversion Live Chat
2 min read

Process: the importance of structure in daily tasks

By Simon Townsend on 18/10/19 13:09

How important is process to a business? From the smallest business to the most established brands in the world, having a well-defined business process means the difference between success and failure. Without it, things get lost, things don’t get done, things are forgotten.

Topics: customer experience quality assurance