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'Spend a Penny' with Just a Drop and Yomdel

Yomdel’s “Spend a Penny” campaign supports Just a Drop in its work bringing safe water and sanitation to communities worldwide. As a new decade...

5 reasons chatbots are not a good idea

Chatbots, or artificial intelligence (AI) powered 24/7 instant communication channels online, sounded marvellous. The promise was out of this world....

Quality is the key to incredible live chat results

For live chat to be effective it needs to deliver an exceptional quality experience for the customer. Deliver anything less than perfect and you run...

A Sparkling Wine Adventure - Yomdel

Yomdel has added a dash of sparkle to its activities this year with sponsorship of the The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2019, organised by...

DIFD -- An Amazing Charity Adventure

Yomdel supports a number of charities each year, and the latest adventure was an amazing coming together of estate agents and their suppliers to...

Benefits of Live Chat | Yomdel

You spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on marketing campaigns to drive people to your website. And rightly so. Research has suggested that...

6 reasons removals businesses should use managed live chat

I've found myself reflecting on how removals companies can improve their lead generation and also create competitive advantage.

Live Email ups the stakes for estate agents serious about growth

This new Yomdel initiative means estate agents need never miss another portal lead again to uncover hidden opportunities that will grow their...

Proptech leaders join forces to power agencies forward

Property services Industry leaders join forces to help estate agencies through a volatile market
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