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Estate Agency Sector

Winning more business with
world-class Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Increase web enquiries
Improve paid traffic conversion

Book valuations
Offer 24/7 appointment booking

Capture leads
Pre-qualify interested vendors and buyers

Drive proactive conversion
Nurture enquiries, and convert to leads

Beat the competition
Be there, before they are

Estates, Lettings & Property

Over 90% of all property searches start online. And whether that's vendors, landlords, tenants or buyers, over 50% are online out of regular office hours.

Ensure you are ready to offer the very best customer experience when customers visit your website. Often you only get that one chance to hold their attention, beat your competition, and be their final choice.

Customer Experience in the Property Sector

The difference between a customer choosing your agency for a valuation, and the same customer pausing, returning to Google, and moving to a competitor on the list. Every single visitor counts! And every single visit must be nurtured, 24/7.

Take a look at Yomdel's custom property sector services, all designed to ensure that you achieve maximum results from EVERY stage of your sales and marketing processes.

24/7 fully managed Live Chat

Increase website conversions by 50%

The highest converting facility that you can add to your website, fully managed Live Chat deployed on your website, will provide a 24/7 personal human interface with your customers.

Highly trained operators will engage your visitors, answering their questions, and facilitating their journey to a market appraisal, viewing or appointment booking, with a constant focus on conversion to lead.

Yomdel is the UK market leader in fully managed live chat for the property sector, serving over 2500 sales and lettings agencies, and property management companies. Read our Case Studies further below.

Using expert human operators, ensuring intuitive, helpful conversations that build trust and empathy with customers, dramatically increases likelihood to convert.

- Fully managed service
- 24/7 operation as standard
- 15 second response times
- Specialist property sector knowledge
- Integrated appointment booking
- Pre-qualification of leads
- Detailed referral within 15 minutes
- Full chat transcripts
- Outstanding customer service
- Fast, seamless technical deployment
- Dedicated account manager
- Daily KPI monitoring
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To find out more about fully managed 24/7 live chat, schedule a call with us now:

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CRM Integration

Property Sector Mystery Shopping

Assess your conversion process

Mystery Shopping is a widely used Property Sector tool for measuring and improving customer experience, but crucially also sales process performance. Making a positive first impression, to book valuations or convert them to listings, requires optimised sales processes, and customer service that consistently exceeds expectations.

Yomdel provides dedicated property sector Mystery Shopping services, with custom scenarios, constructed to assess your business in real-world customer situations. Our Mystery Shopping programmes will optimise your online processes, and help train your employees to delight potential vendors, buyers and landlords every time.

Video and audio recordings bring evidence to life for all stakeholders, and comprehensive reporting and analysis scores team performance against objective, best-in-class criteria.

Mystery Shopping can:

- Assess your entire sales conversion process:
Initial online or telephone enquiry
Portal referred enquiry
Appointment booking process
In home market valuation and assessment
Sales negotiation
- Measure quality and effectiveness of customer service at multiple selected touchpoints
- Ensure consistency of brand and sales messaging
- Monitor the overall customer experience
See what your customers sees, through:
Video recordings
Audio files
Transcripts and reports

Multiplier in mystery shopping Paper

If you'd like to discuss your Mystery Shopping requirements, or find out how Yomdel can help you improve conversion, schedule a chat with us here:

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Or, if you have bigger questions about your market, your customers or your business opportunity, you might want to check out Yomdel's specialist Market Research capabilities.

Property Sector Success Stories

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High value lead generation

Andrews Estate Agents Yomdel Case Study

Fully managed 24/7 live chat, plus mystery shopping programme with video home valuations

No.1 Trusted UK Agency

Ewemove Yomdel Case Study

Fully managed 24/7 live chat, integrated appointment booking, and sales team telephone connect facility

Cultural Transformation

Martyn Gerrard Yomdel Case Study

Mystery Shopping as a core part of staff training, development and incentivisation programme


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