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Yomdel Mystery Shopping

See exactly what your customers see, so you know how to delight them every time.

Eliminate your blind spot

The people you employ in your stores or branches are the face of your company, and the way they interact with your customers is key to the success of your business. But is it fair to say that you don't know exactly how things are being run day-to-day?

You're not alone! Here at Yomdel we call it your "blind spot". Yomdel Mystery Shopping gives you a first-hand view of the interactions between your staff and your customers, removing the blind spot completely

Crucially, you can also benchmark your business performance against your competitors, by including them in your mystery shopping project and delivering a head to head comparison.

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Eliminate your blind spot
Yomdel Mystery Shopping

See what your customers see

Yomdel shoppers pose as everyday customers and record their interactions with your staff using covert recording equipment. The results will highlight what you need to change in order to deliver a consistently fantastic experience that keeps your customers coming back time and again.

Unlike other providers of mystery shopping, we insist on assigning local shoppers. This means that every interaction is a natural and authentic customer interaction. 

At the end of the project, you receive a detailed report containing performance scores and actionable insights that will make a significant difference to the customer experience that you provide.

If you have opted for competitor benchmarking, head to head score comparisons will enable you to implement improvements that put you one step ahead.

In addition to reporting and recommendations, Yomdel can also provide Training Videos, which instruct your staff in the improvement areas which matter most to your business.

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How does it work?

  1. We work with you to understand your objectives and recommend the best way to get you the insights you need. 
  2. We either put your task onto our portal for one of our 30,000 shoppers to select, or your dedicated Project Manager will personally brief the task into a shopper that they feel is best suited to the project.
  3. The shopper will note the entire interaction from the moment they enter the store/branch, output in a comprehensive custom report or alternatively using covert video recording equipment (GDPR compliant) if you require it.  Alternatively, if it's a phone project, the call will be digitally recorded.
  4. The shopper submits their report to us along with the recording. A member of the team will review the recording to ensure it is aligned with the report before sending it to you.
  5. A detailed report is created entirely to your specification, personalised to your branding so that it can be shared across the business. Additionally we can create a customised online dashboard, full data analysis or PowerPoint presentation of the results.

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"It gives us the edge!"

"The mystery shops give us a clear picture of how we are performing, not only in customer service and sales, but against our competitors. The feedback is invaluable in giving us the edge against our competitors and equally telling us what we do well, enabling far more effective coaching and mentoring of our staff."

Joanne  Summerfield Talbot , Sales Director | Dawsons

Joanne Summerfield Talbot, Dawsons