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Mystery Shopping

Evaluate your customer experience, gather actionable insight, and grow your business

Mystery Shopping is a powerful business growth tool, to increase revenue through sales performance improvement. It provides independent assessment of the effectiveness of your customer experience programmes across all communication channels.

Measure performance on:

  • Telephone Enquiries
  • Email, web-forms and live chat
  • Social media and referral partners
  • In store, branch or home visits

Benchmark your team and processes against best-in-class customer service criteria, and identify immediate revenue driving improvement opportunities.

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Guide to mystery shopping
mystery shopping multi-stage customer journeys

Unlock your business potential and reap the benefits!

Measure and optimise sales processes
Boost sales and sales opportunities

Staff training tool
Identifies needs and motivates teams

Observe customer service processes
Increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy

Understand the complete customer experience
Drives business innovation

Competitor intelligence
Explore brand positioning and gain competitive edge

Monitor compliance
Reduce reputational risk and enhance trust

How does it work?

  1. Pick the Mystery Shopping programme that best suits your needs. (We can help you do this)
  2. We prepare scenarios, questionnaires and assessment media, based upon your brief
  3. We choose the most suitable from our 28,000-strong UK-wide shopper team and assign your brief to them
  4. Shopper notes their entire interaction(s) with your business from the moment they initiate contact all the way through to final outcomes
  5. They use video and audio recordings, plus detailed written reports and completed questionnaires, all for your scrutiny
  6. We deliver bespoke reporting and analysis to you via our app-based results portal, enabling instant focus upon the business improvements which will drive greatest impact.

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Mystery Shopping Multi-media Reporting

"Directly attributable business results have followed"

“Putting the mystery shopping programme with Yomdel at the heart of our staff development programme has driven real behavioural change.

It fuels our already ambitious team to reach new heights, ensuring we perform consistently at the top of our game to look after Martyn Gerrard customers.

David Smith FNAEA MARLA - Director | Martyn Gerrard


Martyn Gerrard (MGE)

Want to become a Yomdel Mystery Shopper? And get paid to shop?

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Download: Our Guide to Mystery Shopping