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Mystery Shopping

Evaluate your customer experience, gather actionable insight, and grow your business

Mystery shopping can provide impartial insights into the consistency of your brand and the effectiveness of your customer experience programmes across all communication channels.

Objective customer service questions deliver an honest, unemotional view of what real customers experience and perceive when they interact with your business.

Open questions help explain customer reactions and add an emotive component to the data.

You can use this combination of insights to make meaningful changes and improvements where they matter most.

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Eliminate your blind spot
Yomdel Mystery Shopping

What can you use it for,
and what are the benefits?

Measure and optimise sales processes
Boost sales and sales opportunities

Observe customer service processes
Increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy

Understand the complete customer experience
Drives business innovation

Competitor intelligence
Explore brand positioning and gain competitive edge

Monitor compliance
Reduce reputational risk and enhance trust

Staff training tool
Identifies needs and motivates teams

How does it work?

  1. We work with you to understand your objectives and recommend the best way to meet them.
    We custom design each questionnaire to capture every measurement you require.
  2. Many clients combine our mystery shopping techniques to ensure omni-channel compliance and consistency.
    Methods include telephone and web enquiries and branch/store physical visits.
    (For property clients we also offer market appraisals and appointment viewings)
  3. We have a 28,000-strong shopper database which we select from, matching the most suitable shoppers to each job.
  4. The shopper notes the entire interaction with your business from the moment they initiate contact or enter the building.
    The output is presented in a comprehensive report and can be supplemented with digitally recorded audio or video footage
  5. We create bespoke reporting and analysis delivered via an app-based results portal, together with any audio/video files for easy access.

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"Directly attributable business results have followed"

“Putting the mystery shopping programme with Yomdel at the heart of our staff development programme has driven real behavioural change.

It fuels our already ambitious team to reach new heights, ensuring we perform consistently at the top of our game to look after Martyn Gerrard customers.

David Smith FNAEA MARLA - Director | Martyn Gerrard


David Smith MG

Want to become a Yomdel Mystery Shopper? And get paid to shop?

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