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The Christmas break is almost upon us. But how do you plan to manage your estate agency office over the festive period? It’s been a very busy year for most agencies and giving yourself and your team a break can leave you fresh and invigorated for whatever 2022 holds.  

With government recommendations to work from home, plus a Christmas day that falls on a weekend, many business owners are considering early closing this year, or choosing to stay closed in between Christmas Day and the New Year.  

But can you afford to miss out on those potential sales, post-Christmas enquiries and potential valuations?  

Perhaps there is a way you can do both.  


Buyer search at Christmas  

According to Rightmove, buyer search surges during the post-Christmas Day festive period. In 2021, there were more than 51 million visits to Rightmove during the time between Boxing Day and the first working day of the year.  

And last year visits were 54% higher than the previous year, a trend that may be set to continue.  

It’s an obvious connection. People have gone through a period at home and may be seeing their space with fresh eyes and realising that it may be time to move on. Additionally with January always being a time for new beginnings, it makes sense that buyers and sellers want to get “their house in order” to move for the New Year.  

According to data from Tech Jury, 50% of buyers choose the vendor that’s quickest to respond.  

For estate agents, this means that missing those enquiries could be the difference between them or a competitor closing a sale.  


Protecting your staff 

While the need to service a potential increase in enquiries is in demand. It’s also likely that you want to give both yourself and your teams a break. 2021 has been an incredibly busy year in the property market and many in agencies have worked incredibly hard.  

And in the current market, with more estate agency roles available than candidates, keeping staff well and happy is key to the success of your business.  


Yomdel helps you take a break  

Yomdel offers the perfect solution. Our fully managed live chat services allow you to be “open” 24/7 across the Christmas period.  

Your chats are taken care of by real experts, not chatbots, allowing you to book valuations, arrange viewings and answer questions without the need for anyone to be available in your office.  

We create a full personalised Knowledge Bank, which is specific to your business, and will cover all the answers to questions that your customers are likely to ask, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that our Live Chat team are an extension to your existing staff.  

And what’s more. There is still time to get set up for Christmas, with our rapid technical deployment, we can get you up and running within 3-7 days.  

So, give yourself and your team a break this Christmas, and let Yomdel take care of your leads.  



If you haven't yet looked into a 24/7 managed live chat service, or you'd just like to know more about the options available to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to chat.


Tim Breden

Written by Tim Breden

Tim is a founding partner, and Chief Operating Officer at Yomdel. Over 5 years Tim’s primary focus has been ensuring that Yomdel meets, maintains and exceeds its high standards of client service delivery, whilst also addressing the challenges of bringing new products to market which will grow our client’s businesses and bring them greater success. If you’d like to chat to Tim about your business, or ask him to speak at an event, just get in touch today at tim.breden@yomdel.co.uk