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Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor

As Marketing Director at Yomdel, Simon’s personal goal is to make Yomdel as relevant and valuable for our clients as possible. Simon is constantly looking for new ways to explain the proposition of ‘world-class customer experience’, in a way that empowers Yomdel clients to harness what we do for their optimum success. With an extensive background in marketing agency client services, Simon has always been dedicated to providing clients with access to solutions which would grow their business – solutions designed and created by experts in customer communications, service and experience – by putting the customer at the heart of the solution. At Yomdel, his role is to explain our services to clients, bringing to life the tangible benefits they deliver, and to build a broader understanding of the revenue driving power of Customer Experience. At Yomdel we are committed to delivering a positive ROI for EVERY client, with a current running average of 18:1 – but it doesn’t stop there. We constantly seek innovation, and Simon is at the heart of our customer behaviour understanding, ensuring that Yomdel is at the forefront of customer expectation delivery. Simon consults with clients regularly on their business challenges, and how to meet the demands of today’s customers. Over 20 years experience working one to one with B2C and B2B client businesses, sectors including automotive, finance, retail, travel and property, Simon would love to talk to you about your business. Get in touch anytime at simon.taylor@yomdel.com

Recent posts by Simon Taylor

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By Simon Taylor on 24/07/20 16:30

How much is customer behaviour really changing?

This week, we sent Andy Soloman out in to his local town, to see just how much the consumer environment is changing, and to report back in video.

Topics: Business Customer Insights Coronavirus
4 min read


By Simon Taylor on 03/07/20 08:45

Some businesses seized the initiative in lockdown, finding competitive advantage by adapting fast, but also securing their future with new ways of working.

Topics: customer experience Coronavirus business change
4 min read


By Simon Taylor on 19/06/20 11:36

A huge side effect of Coronavirus is the rampant debate about whether changes in customer behaviours will be permanent.

Topics: customer experience Coronavirus business change
3 min read

Customer behaviour has already CHANGED!

By Simon Taylor on 05/06/20 08:45

Change was always happening. But a crisis accelerates it dramatically.

Place restrictions upon people, and they will adapt fast. They find new ways to achieve their ends, and this could not be clearer than in online property market behaviour.

In our updated tracker report this week, we saw the exceptional increase in Live Chat usage on property websites maintained at its new high, with no sign of a return to normal pre-COVID levels.

It's here to stay and it's not really surprising. Perhaps it's already no longer exceptional?

Topics: Property Coronavirus Industry trends
2 min read

A new market powered by VIDEO!

By Simon Taylor on 28/05/20 15:53

Video is everywhere you turn now, or so it seems. But should you invest?

In this brief insight, we're sharing some simple stats that suggest customer expectations are definitely changing, and we should take this seriously.

In our updated tracker report this week, we see continued evidence that customers are returning to property websites in overall numbers, equal to average levels of the previous 15 months.

But they also continue to use Live Chat in much greater proportions than before the Coronavirus Crisis and Lockdown, and crucially are pro-actively requesting video enabled services. 

Topics: Property Coronavirus Industry trends
1 min read


By Simon Taylor on 22/05/20 09:00

Watch this week's webinar if you missed it:

If you didn't catch our webinar this week, it's right here on video, featuring 4 expert panellists within property, conveyancing and removals.

Topics: Property removals Coronavirus
4 min read

Hottest business subject right now? NEW-NORMAL

By Simon Taylor on 07/05/20 09:00

Everyone is talking about 'New Normals'

Quite honestly, I rather like it. Change always happens, bringing with it both positives and negatives, so I try to take a very optimistic view to change, because we can only make the best of it. Any other attitude seems regressive.

Coronavirus is unquestionably a massive catalyst for change, in all areas of our lives: social, economic and behavioural, and we're only just beginning to see the lasting impacts. So it's understandable that when faced with seismic shifts, we want to understand them and get to grips with them as fast as possible.

Topics: Estate Agents Coronavirus Industry trends
3 min read

Property Market Tracker - what's the real insight?

By Simon Taylor on 24/04/20 08:45

Customers are desperate to do business, but Business has its hands tied!

That's just some of the reaction we've had this week to our Property Sentiment Tracker update published on Tuesday.

In our updated tracker report this week, we evidenced an apparent customer rebound from the depth of the initial Coronavirus shock, with a resurgence in consumer engagement via Live Chat. But from some of the reaction there's little doubt that many businesses are not seeing that. Why is that the case?

Topics: Property Coronavirus Industry trends
6 min read

The positive energy that is beating Coronavirus

By Simon Taylor on 10/04/20 09:30

It's truly amazing and awe-inspiring to see the positive energy on show right now, with businesses, partners, suppliers and even competitors helping each other to get the better of what we can mildly call 'new market conditions'.

Even more amazing, as so many people are confined to their homes, and having to do this through means of communication they rarely used previously. Surely these changes will remain too, when hopefully COVID-19 is beaten?

Topics: Coronavirus business continuity Home Working