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How much is customer behaviour really changing?

Recently, we sent Andy Soloman out in to his local town, to see just how much the consumer environment is changing, and to report back in video.

Here's Andy's analysis of the impact Coronavirus and social restrictions are having on our high streets and the way people are now choosing to interact with businesses. It's a quick 4 minute summary, so take a look and let us know what you think the ongoing impact will be.


The evidence is clear to see in reduced footfall, in the main driven by social distancing and safety measures, but also a desire to avoid the inconvenience of queues and masks. Unsurprisingly people are choosing to shop and engage with businesses from the safety and comfort of their own homes and offices.

The converse reaction is of course a huge surge in online behaviour, whether for e-commerce shopping or customer support. Every sector whether financial services, estate agents or retail stores, B2C or B2B, are all experiencing high online traffic.

The challenge for all is adapting to new sales and service models that are able to deliver to customers in new ways, and that means predominantly online. Investing in digital infrastructure, especially online engagement channels is now the number one priority for all businesses who need to survive, or better still take advantage of market conditions driven by changing customer behaviour.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Feel free to comment below, tweet us @yomdel or drop Andy a line at andy.soloman@yomdel.com


Simon Taylor

Written by Simon Taylor

As Marketing Director at Yomdel, Simon’s personal goal is to make Yomdel as relevant and valuable for our clients as possible. Simon is constantly looking for new ways to explain the proposition of ‘world-class customer experience’, in a way that empowers Yomdel clients to harness what we do for their optimum success. With an extensive background in marketing agency client services, Simon has always been dedicated to providing clients with access to solutions which would grow their business – solutions designed and created by experts in customer communications, service and experience – by putting the customer at the heart of the solution. Get in touch anytime at simon.taylor@yomdel.com