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Chris Smith

Chris Smith

As Sales Team Leader, Chris is passionate about discussing the importance of Customer Experience with as many businesses as possible, and works with clients and new businesses every day on Yomdel’s behalf. Chris joined Yomdel in 2017, working with the Mystery Shopping operations team. His experience working first-hand with both Mystery Shoppers and Mystery Shopping clients has given him enormous understanding of the impact differing levels of customer service, through every channel, can have on overall customer experience, and consequently revenue impact and business growth. Working across Yomdel’s full suite of customer experience services, Chris consults with client businesses, discussing the importance of business process measurement, designing and implementing optimised customer experiences, and of course how Yomdel can help deliver revenue growth. If you would like to talk with Chris about the positive impact measuring and delivering an exceptional customers experience can have on your business, then please do get in touch. He would be delighted to have an informal chat and can be reached at chris.smith@yomdel.com.

Recent posts by Chris Smith

3 min read

New Customer Expectations Post-Lockdown

By Chris Smith on 07/08/20 11:30

Late March, when the majority of the UK entered a lockdown, seems a lifetime ago, with behavioural restrictions placed on society the like of which we have not seen before.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience Coronavirus
4 min read

Coronavirus: business threat or opportunity?

By Chris Smith on 16/03/20 17:10

The annoying thing about cliches is they are true. And so we must examine what we know to be true here too: that we can surely come through this stronger. How we approach the coming weeks, will determine the future of our businesses. But who will get it right, and how will they go about it?

Topics: Business Coronavirus
1 min read

The beauty of outsourced live chat: expert, easy, effective!

By Chris Smith on 21/02/20 12:02

Being tempted to manage your Live Chat in house is a natural instinct, but look beneath the surface of your own business, and see where the value is really delivered from.

Topics: lead generation Live Chat ROI
4 min read

Defining Customer Experience in Self-Storage

By Chris Smith on 07/02/20 09:15

This week, we're taking a close look at the Self-Storage industry, and the insights we've taken from the SSA's 2019 Annual Report. It sheds light on consumer behaviours when purchasing self-storage, and we draw critical conclusions to what is required to maximise sales conversions in this highly competitive sector.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience Self-Storage
6 min read

Top 10 Live Chat quick wins you need to know

By Chris Smith on 27/11/19 14:41

Live chat is becoming a must for businesses who want to connect with as many potential customers as possible. It’s understandable – 87% of purchasing decisions now begin online, according to Salesforce. So online customer experience is critical to success.

Topics: Live Chat customer experience
5 min read

3 steps to increase your website conversions

By Chris Smith on 08/11/19 17:20

As business owners and digital marketers, you face the same challenge day in day out, regardless of the industry you operate in – “How do we increase our online conversion rates to get more new business?”

Topics: Live Chat customer experience
1 min read

Free food...! Why?? - Yomdel Live Chat

By Chris Smith on 25/02/19 15:36

The Restaurant Manager wanted to give us free meals even though the service was excellent and food was great.

Topics: customer experience CX
1 min read

Say hello to Simon, our new Marketing Director

By Chris Smith on 16/01/19 14:22

We’re proud to announce our first high-profile hire for 2019, appointing Simon Taylor as Marketing Director.

Topics: Yomdel Lead Management
2 min read

No Christmas miracle for UK retail as sector flatlines in December

By Chris Smith on 11/01/19 17:53

While December saw a positive uplift in the housing market, the same can’t be said for the UK retail sector.

Topics: retail Christmas