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One of the greatest challenges with any CRM system is the time and cost involved in managing the data. Do you ever feel like it's a waste your time manually entering new prospects into the system? When you really need to be converting prospects and selling more.

Having to manually enter leads into your CRM system is a complex and time-consuming task at the best of times, not least of all if you’re an estate agent.

And with agents working flat out to cope with the huge demand for properties in the current marketplace fuelled by the Chancellor’s stamp duty holiday, the value of this drain on resource can’t be underestimated.

Just copying and pasting row upon row of contact details into the correct fields, and categorising them properly, simply eats away at your day, giving you less time to convert those hot prospects into a sale.

As every agent in the land knows, the UK’s biggest CRM system for the property industry is Reapit. And Yomdel, one of the UK’s biggest fully-managed live chat providers, has been doing some clever things with them recently to remove the hassle of manual data entry.

Yomdel is one of the first suppliers to the property industry to build a direct lead integration app on Reapit’s new Foundations Platform, that takes away the pain of having to enter new prospect data from live chats manually. Instead, the app seamlessly delivers a real-time live chat integration, sending leads from Yomdel directly into the Reapit system. To get the app, all you have to do is download it from Reapit’s Marketplace (login required) and you’re on your way.

If you’re a Yomdel client, within moments of a vendor, landlord, buyer, or tenant prospect finishing a chat with one of our specialist chat agents on your website, with our Live Chat integration, a lead will arrive directly into your Reapit CRM. Along with the prospect’s contact details, this flexible app allows you to choose to view the full chat transcript along with the lead summary.

Additionally, the customer type is automatically categorised according to whether it’s a seller, buyer, tenant or landlord and so arrives into Reapit already categorised as a sales or lettings applicant or valuation.

Not only will you save a lot of time, you'll eradicate re-keying errors, and get to that all important follow-up action much quicker. With all required lead details instantly available, via the live chat integration with your CRM system, you can really improve sales efficiency and conversion.

Take a look at full details of the app, including features, benefits and pricing right here.

And this is only the start. Future API integrations being planned include an integration with the Reapit appointment booking system, allowing website visitors to be booked in for a valuation or viewing while they’re chatting on your website.

For more information on CRM integrations or system efficiencies and improvements, don't hesitate to get in touch with me anytime. simon.townsend@yomdel.com

Reapit Foundations App Marketplace Live Chat Integration

Simon Townsend

Written by Simon Townsend

As Operations Director, Simon makes Yomdel tick. He manages the operational strategy behind the service to ensure Yomdel clients enjoy the best results and highest quality or service delivery. Simon’s focus is leading our operational and IT development teams to deliver maximum efficiency, accuracy and speed across the Yomdel suite of products. If you’d like to talk to Simon about your business processes or communications, just get in touch at simon.townsend@yomdel.com