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Why you shouldn’t ignore Facebook pages

Facebook is one platform you should never ignore, and Yomdel is able to extend its managed live chat service to your page. With over two billion...

4 ways to inspire passion in your online shoppers

Inspiring passion in your online shoppers is no easy task. Without the human touch offered by an in-store sales assistant, online shoppers are free...

Online shopping in real life - video


5 ways live chat operators enhance customer satisfaction

By Andy Soloman, CEO, Yomdel

Yomdel's 2nd Competition Tuesday. Prizes worth £1,000 up for grabs.

Social media engagement and the help desk revolution (infographic)

We know that social media is everywhere and Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others are driving convergence in behaviour. Social media has...

Four New Year resolutions for successful ecommerce in 2013

Instaservice: Customer service gets speedy and social (Infographics of the Year)

It's not that customers have suddenly become impatient, but our instant social media and other communication channels are creating a sense of...
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