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Live Email

Qualify referred leads,
and nurture your high priority prospects.

Can you handle all your lead referrals,
from industry portals, aggregators
or partners?

How many valuable leads go unattended?

Yomdel Live Email uses highly-trained human operators to deliver ultra-quick 24/7 personal email responses to every portal, email or web lead that hits your inbox. 

The service gives your customers a personalised live response to their portal or other enquiry, direct from your brand, immediately putting you ahead of any competitors. People can then seamlessly transfer to Yomdel live chat, meaning you could get a huge head-start over your competitors in identifying high value opportunities that may not be obvious in the original lead.

No more missed leads. Day or night, Yomdel is there, qualifying and converting your leads as and when they arrive, giving your sales team an enormous head start over the competition.

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Increase your Return on Investment

Getting a return on portal or aggregator fees is a tough task. That's where Yomdel can help.

We free up the time of your team, by identifying the highest priority leads for them to focus on first, thereby maximising your conversion against referral.

At the same time, ALL your prospects receive an outstanding customer experience, building your brand reputation, creating customers for life.

  • Real-time 24/7 email response to every referral.
  • Personalised dialogue, skilled handling.
  • Build trust and rapport.
  • Qualify and prioritise leads.
  • Seamless transfer to live chat nurturing high value leads
  • Give your customers a fantastic impression of your brand.

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Here's how it works

  1. NO separate system or software required. We monitor and manage your referrals email entry point, and respond as you, effectively from your email address.
  2. Backed by our detailed, unique knowledge banks, dedicated operators answer questions in a structured way that builds rapport, encourages engagement and uncovers the real value in a lead, fully qualifying the lead potential for your business.
  3. We offer the customer the option of transferring the conversation to our 24/7 live chat service, if they prefer to have a more instant, fluid conversation.
  4. If enabled, our operators can even book calls or sales appointments on your behalf, offering the customer a fantastic out of hours experience, and capturing them immediately for your business, before the competition can get there first.
  5. And because we are integrated to your email account, you have full visibility of email transcripts, progress and outcomes in real time.

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