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It's business as usual here, and we're ready to help you!

Yomdel has been 'Working Together' with businesses to beat Coronavirus:

Throughout the crisis, and especially the lockdown period, we implemented support packages to help businesses through this difficult time. And with ongoing COVID-19 safety restrictions and 'new normals' associated with post-lockdown business life, we're still here to support you, so get in touch and let us know how we can help:

See how WORKING TOGETHER can help

Putting our customers first:

Throughout lockdown and beyond until 30 June 2020, Yomdel reduced Live Chat charges to all customer accounts. We have been totally committed to the survival and ongoing success of our customer businesses, and continue to provide support wherever we can.

Live Chat is an essential service, crucial to business success, providing first contact resolution, critical relief and of course valuable lead generation. In a changed world, where communications are overwhelmingly online, we understand that you need our service. Fully managed Live Chat is also dependent upon people, and the livelihoods of those people. We continue to support the livelihoods of our staff and our clients in an optimum balance to the benefit of both..


Yomdel Property Sentiment Tracker see how customers are still intent on doing business even in lockdown:

Property Sentiment TrackerClick here to read our latest analysis of consumer behaviour in lockdown, and the remarkable resilience property customers are displaying.



24/7 managed live chat fully operational from safe, homeworking environments:

On Thursday 12 March 2020, many days ahead of the first government instruction, Yomdel took the decision to invoke 100% home-working across its entire operation. All Live Chat services are fully operational, 7 days a week, 24/7, and have been throughout the crisis. Our staff are taking the maximum precautions possible, maintaining full social distancing, keeping themselves and their colleagues safe.

This ensures the continuity of your service, and provides your business in turn with the very best potential for survival and success, by enabling your customers to get in touch around the clock.


All Mystery Shopping services now fully operational!
Including NEW “Rebuild & Refresh” Assessment Scorecard

In line with government lockdown restrictions gradually being relaxed, Yomdel has re-started all Mystery Shopping assessments including physical face to face and video assessments. For the safety of our client staff, and our mystery shopper teams, we will continue to follow government and health service instructions during these assessments regarding keeping a safe distance of 2m and wearing protective face masks where necessary or desirable.

Our new Rebuild & Refresh scorecard questions enables recent Covid-related measures and requirements to be monitored objectively as part of your usual customer experience and sales process/compliance assessment. We will check your business for practical compliance such as 2m distancing in stores, hygiene and other safety measures, but also provide you with data on how the customer felt during their interaction e.g. did they feel safe and comfortable whilst in your building, did they still receive the level of customer service they expected, did they feel their individual needs were taken into account and met.

Never has customer experience been so important. Our shoppers and project team are raring to go, so please get in touch to discuss how we can help your company meet your customers’ changing needs and drive growth, whilst keeping everyone safe.

Recognising the predominance of online communications, which have exploded under lockdown, Yomdel now offers online and telephone based Mystery Shopping assessments specifically developed for COVID-19 restricted business circumstances. Online and telephone capacity is now stretched in many businesses, but customer expectations have not changed. In fact they may be heightened, in the belief all companies will prioritise these channels. Mystery Shopping your business performance in these areas is more critical than ever before.

As ever, we are determined to support all clients who need us. Please get in touch to discuss any mystery shopping needs your company may have or learn more about how mystery shopping can benefit your business.


If you have any questions at all regarding Yomdel's approach to the Coronavirus situation,
or regarding Yomdel's services during this time, don't hesitate to
contact us directly,
or feel free to use the form below: