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Keep the valuable online leads coming over Christmas

Posted by Andy Soloman - 06 December, 2017

 So you've booked the staff Christmas party and worked out your holiday opening hours but how are you going to keep your sales leads coming in when your business is closed?



Yomdel's managed live chat is the solution. We can provide a 24 / 7 service to generate online leads for your business, 365 days a year, so you can enjoy the Christmas holiday break while we work hard on your behalf.

The reality is that your potential customers are always connected to the internet - whether its sitting in front of the TV watching the Queen's speech whilst checking Facebook, or creating their Boxing Day shopping list. And just because the shops (or your office) is closed it doesnt mean that they aren't still in buying (or selling) mode. 

The all-hours solution

During the rest of the year 52% of the managed live chats that we undertake for our clients are out of office hours - a number that significantly increases over the Christmas / New Year break when our client's offices are closed. In the age of instant gratification the ability to provide an immediate response to a website visitor's questions - no matter what time of day or night it is can make a significant difference to whether a person will stay on your website, give up on their search or move to a competitor site. 

Regardless of the time of year it is, having live chat active on your website can increase the number of online leads that you receive by up to 50%, so it stands to reason that implementing a managed live chat solution for your business is the best possible Christmas present that you can give yourself. The result is that you can hit the ground running in the New Year - or before if the business needs of your customers demand it - with leads waiting to be followed up.  

The soft benefits of managed live chat

The advantages of using managed live chat aren't just financial either. Having a 'virtual receptionist' who can handle basic queries when the office is closed can be a real plus. When we set new clients up (we call it onboarding) we always create a knowledge bank which not only covers all of the most common questions that a website visitor might ask about the client's products or service but we also capture details specific to the business such as opening hours, emergency contact details etc. This means that managed live chat can deliver a high level of customer service 24/7 even when no one from the business is available to assist. 


With the holiday break drawing ever closer we are running out of slots to get new clients set up to have managed live chat live on their website before Christmas. However there are a limited number of spaces available and if you would like to sign up, get in touch with us to find out more.  


Yomdel  is proud to be the pioneer of truly intelligent managed live chat in the UK, offering the best live chat experience that significantly improves an organisation’s website lead generation, converts customers into fans, and which also adds significantly to its clients’ bottom lines.


Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

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