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Watch this week's webinar if you missed it:

If you didn't catch our webinar this week, it's right here on video, featuring 4 expert panellists within property, conveyancing and removals.

We examined the challenges facing businesses coming out of lockdown, from sales pipeline bottlenecks to new ways of working in a post-Coronavirus property market.

Our panellists: Richard Comebellack of Brief Your Market, Tony Piccorillo of AVRillo, Ian Palmer of BAR and White & Company, and Yomdel's own Andy Soloman.

Experts from Estate Agency, Conveyancing and Removals, together discuss how to get the home-moving process unlocked as pent up demand creates bottlenecks.

New customer experiences are required, that demand process innovation, including new virtual and video tools that offer greater safety and convenience to cautious customers.

Learning to think digital first is new for so many companies in the home-moving sector, but customers now expect virtual viewings and consultations. They want to see properties on video before committing to a visit, and the same goes for removals assessments and quotations. Meeting with their conveyancer on Zoom is surely an everyday reality now.

In addition, being available on your website 24/7 with Live Chat is now an expectation, as customers expect immediate response.

Hear what our panellists have to say about each business sector.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on post-lockdown challenges, property or otherwise, just drop me a line at simon.taylor@yomdel.com



Simon Taylor

Written by Simon Taylor

As Marketing Director at Yomdel, Simon’s personal goal is to make Yomdel as relevant and valuable for our clients as possible. Simon is constantly looking for new ways to explain the proposition of ‘world-class customer experience’, in a way that empowers Yomdel clients to harness what we do for their optimum success. With an extensive background in marketing agency client services, Simon has always been dedicated to providing clients with access to solutions which would grow their business – solutions designed and created by experts in customer communications, service and experience – by putting the customer at the heart of the solution. Get in touch anytime at simon.taylor@yomdel.com