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Fern Cunnell

Fern Cunnell

As Insight Services Manager, Fern is dedicated to providing clients with the tools and insights required to help deliver an outstanding customer experience. Fern joined Yomdel in 2015, working within the Mystery Shopping team. Initially working closely with shoppers, dealing with shop allocation and guiding shoppers through the process required to deliver a great mystery shop. Fern has now progressed to Insight Services Manager, working with clients to ensure they are being delivered the insight they need to make real positive differences to the customer service they offer.

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By Fern Cunnell on 14/08/20 11:15

Mystery Shopping works! But how?

Whether you want to know how Mystery Shopping delivers results for a business, or you fancy doing a bit of mystery shopping yourself, knowing what makes a good shopper is fundamental.

As a Mystery Shopper your findings are the foundation of what we do, so it is essential that your work is carried out to the highest standard. So what's required to be a good Mystery Shopper?

Topics: customer service Customer Insights Mystery Shopping