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Whether you’re a building contractor, tradesperson, or any other type of home improvement business, introducing live chat to your website can help to improve sales, offer better customer service and take away some stress.

All too often good quality jobs are lost as you simply don’t have the time to respond to enquiries, or someone else gets there first.

Live chat helps you solve this issue, without the need to hire resource to manage your emails, calls and social media enquiries. In fact, 35-50% of sales go to the business that responds first, so if you’re busy out on-site, your competitors may be getting the jobs you really want.

With this in mind, we explore how live chat can help your home improvement business.

Qualify new business opportunities quickly

When it comes to home improvement enquiries, you know that there are good and bad leads.

Choosing to add live chat to your website allows you to quickly ascertain whether an enquiry is right for you in terms of size of job, budget and timeframe.

A couple of simple questions can help you to qualify a lead via live chat, without having to pick up the phone. While lead forms on your website can help to pre-qualify an enquiry, a live chat gives you more flexibility to ask project specific questions which may be too onerous for a website form.

Answer enquiries to win work

When an individual is looking for someone to work on their building or home improvement project, often they may have a couple of questions they would like answering, before committing to a call or on-site survey.

These may be as simple as ‘do you cover my area?’ or ‘can you supply trades for the project?’.

When you’re the first to respond to questions like this, you can often win work over someone who takes more time to reply.

Better manage projects and get better feedback

As a home improvement business, often your success relies on word-of-mouth feedback. One of the biggest bugbears of many homeowners who embark on home improvements is often a lack of communication.

Unlike telephone calls, where things can be lost in translation, live chat leaves a paper trail which you can refer back to. This works well for those small issues or queries which can be misconstrued.

Be available 24/7 with managed live chat

At Yomdel, we offer a fully managed live chat. This means that you get your own team to answer live chat enquiries 24/7.

This means that whether you’re on site, or want to relax in the evenings, someone is on hand to answer your chat enquiries, even when you’re closed.

Your expert team will know your business inside out and be able to respond to general enquiries on your behalf.

Our team can also manage social media enquiries, allowing you to get on with what you do best.


If you haven't yet looked into a 24/7 managed live chat service, or you'd just like to know more about the options available to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to chat.


Chris Smith

Written by Chris Smith

As Sales Team Leader, Chris is passionate about discussing the importance of Customer Experience with as many businesses as possible, and works with clients and new businesses every day on Yomdel’s behalf. If you would like to talk with Chris about the positive impact measuring and delivering an exceptional customers experience can have on your business, then please do get in touch. He would be delighted to have an informal chat and can be reached at chris.smith@yomdel.com.