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9 Benefits of Live Chat for Business

Posted by Simon Taylor - 13 December, 2019

This week in our blog, we are featuring an infographic from our friends at The Website Group. They create websites daily for businesses all over the world, so they know a thing or two about how to optimise your website, and get it working effectively for your business.

Their visualisation below: 9 live chat benefits for businesses, draws on research from the UK and US (which so often leads the way) to further highlight why this is a service that is now a mandatory on every website.

Live chat for many businesses has now become a 'cost-of-entry essential' to achieve a high performing website. Take a look through the graphic and see their 9 key reasons that you should really have live chat on your website:

1. Increase sales and conversions

2. Reduce support costs

3. Build trust with buyers

4 Gain a competitive advantage

5. Increase average order value

6. Satisfy your customers

7. Keep in contact with visitors

8. Improve website experience

9. Understand your customer needs better

Yomdel Live Chat will give you all of the above, AND MORE. Our 24/7 fully managed live chat will nurture and build trust, absolutely delighting your customers. Yomdel typically increases client website conversions by over 50% on previous levels. Get in touch if you'd like to know more.




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