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5 Reasons why every estate agent should invest in live chat

Posted by Yomdelier - 07 December, 2017


It’s well recognised in the property industry today that an estate agent’s website is their single biggest branch – and in an increasing number of cases, their only branch. And as prop tech solutions continue to change the shape of how many in the industry manage their businesses, being digitally savvy is an increasingly key part of an estate agent’s job description.

The significant growth in the number of estate agency clients that have signed up to Yomdel live chat in the last 12 months – both large and small businesses – highlights an increasing appreciation that when a company proactively reaches out to prospective customers on their website, it can deliver exceptional financial gains.  

The following guide has been produced to highlight to UK estate agents five of the key reasons why investing in a managed live chat solution is a must-have for tomorrow’s successful agents.

Key highlights from the guide include:

Consumers are online 24/7 and want answers to their questions now! 52% of website visitors engaging in live chat do so out of office hours.

Live chat can deliver up to 50% more online leads on an estate agent’s website than previously

The average Return on Investment for estate clients is 2000%

The average length of a chat is 10 – 12 minutes. The quantity and quality of information able to be qualified during that time is significant.

Consumers love it. 30% of all internet users prefer live chat when engaging with a business.


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