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Transforming distracted visitors into loyal customers

Posted by Andy Soloman - 06 June, 2018

It's not what you know, it's who you know. Right? I'd argue it's a bit of both. Over the past few years Yomdel has worked closely with an amazing search marketing agency in Norwich called Fountain Partnership. Together we have helped contribute to the significant growth of the disruptive national estate agency business EweMove. In turn, we also work together helping to drive and convert traffic across a wide range of other businesses in sectors including removals, health, manufactured products, and many more. It's a partnership that works. Fountain drives the PPC traffic and delivers exceptional gains in bringing down the CPL, while Yomdel's intelligent targeting and skilled live chat operators push up conversion levels to historic highs.

The incredible results achieved by Fountain saw them win Google's global Premier Partners award for
Growing Businesses Online; while over here at Yomdel we achieved amazing recognition in our core estate agency sector when we won Silver for Best Overall Medium-Sized Supplier at the prestigious EA Masters awards.

It's a combination that works, and clients working with both Yomdel and Fountain see record conversion levels and quite simple incredible ROIs.

With Fountain being not just a Google Premier Partner, but a Google #1 award-winning premier partner, they arrange occasional events under the "Excelerate" brand hosted at Google's London headquarters. It was one such event recently when I had the privilege to be invited to present to a small exclusively invited audience from leading estate agencies and other property professionals. And it was wonderful.

The evening was kicked off by Fountain's head of digital, Alice Rose, who explained how Fountain's evidence-based secret sauce is deployed to deliver their exceptional results before she passed over to me. For my part, I focussed on changing consumer behaviour and how businesses need to think like the customer. For estate agents this means understanding that if property owners now only move once every 17 years on average, they are incredibly inexperienced. Having skilfully executed intelligent live chat available 24/7 provides a way for people to ask simple questions, build confidence in the process of buying and selling property, and ultimately develop trust and rapport with a brand online. Human interaction is a powerful convincer!

It was a small event but with some high calibre attendees -- decision makers and business owners, together with some other highly respected faces from the property sector. I must say I really enjoyed the presentation, and somehow no-one got up and left before I finished.

My biggest take-away from the evening was in the answer to a couple of simple questions:

  1. Have you used live chat in the past month? Nearly everyone's hands went up to that.
  2. Does your business provide live chat as a communication channel for your prospective customers? And nearly all the hands went down.

Therein lies the disconnect. In their own lives people behave in a certain way, yet when it comes to the same people making business decisions they do not always recognise their own behaviour and plan accordingly. Often the biggest clue is in how you like to do things yourself, and when you stop for a moment and consider how you behave, that is actually thinking like the customer. We are all customers.

The full video of my presentation is above, but do get in touch if you'd like to understand more.

Topics: Google, Managed Live Chat, CRO, conversion rate optimisation, presentation