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Implementing new ways of working quickly, can leave a business blind to its current performance. Getting measurement in place early fuels constant improvement and competitive advantage.

As businesses physically re-open, alongside continuing unprecedented levels of virtual interactions, now is the ideal time to measure and monitor how you, your staff and processes are meeting the expectations of the New Customer Journey.

Yomdel’s New Customer Journey mystery shopping is the perfect place to start. Our bespoke assessment product will measure new processes and systems you are already implementing and provide insight and training on what else your business and staff can do to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Use our services to:

  • Check new safety and hygiene measures are correctly implemented and adhered to
  • Measure staff performance vs changed/new processes and identify any training gaps
  • Monitor customer service response times across all channels
  • Test new virtual products such as video consultations or virtual building tours
  • Gather insights into diverse customer expectations and attitudes to risk
  • Optimise the complete customer journey and drive growth

Yomdel’s New Customer Journey assessment is an omni-channel tool to gather a holistic view of customer experience across multiple touchpoints including:

  • Instant messaging and live chat
  • Email and online forms
  • Telephone
  • Remote video interactions
  • Physical visits or consultations

The comprehensive scorecards and questionnaires have been designed by customer experience professionals to reflect the changing times and requirements businesses face. The carefully selected questions capture the key metrics needed to monitor performance objectively and inform business improvements, whilst providing invaluable detailed comments highlighting the emotive aspects of customer service.

Yomdel’s New Customer Journey assessment will give you:

  • Combined overall score for each assessment
  • Safety/hygiene compliance score (physical interactions only)
  • Sales process score
  • Customer experience score (including new metrics on how safe and comfortable shoppers felt)
  • PLUS invaluable open text commentary from each mystery shopper

Yomdel’s New Customer Journey assessment can be used to measure single communication channels e.g. virtual tours, or combined to measure one customer’s journey as they progress through multiple touchpoints with your business.

The questionnaire design enables consistent analysis of key performance metrics across the different channels. The written reports can be supplemented with video footage and recorded audio files, to inform staff training and demonstrate best practice.

Here at Yomdel, we feel we have selected the most relevant criteria you should be measuring. However, every business is different, and as with all our mystery shopping products the scorecard and questionnaire can flex to fit your precise requirements and objectives. Just ask!

We are constantly reviewing our scorecards to ensure we reflect current government guidance as well as maximising the insight potential for our clients.


For more information about Yomdel’s New Customer Journey assessment, please contact me, gina.mayhead@yomdel.com


Gina Fumagalli

Written by Gina Fumagalli

As Head of Insight Services at Yomdel, Gina heads up our highly skilled and energetic insight team, driving robust commercial growth by helping clients deliver exceptional customer experiences through bespoke mystery shopping programmes and other CX market research techniques. Gina has delivered highly successful research projects across multiple industries and sectors including property, retail and leisure/hospitality. Her particular skill is in complex customer journeys where clients need to measure their customer experience across multiple touchpoints and channels to ensure consistent service and brand messaging, whichever communication method(s) a customer selects. You can email Gina at gina.fumagalli@yomdel.com