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Why you shouldn’t ignore Facebook pages

Posted by Andy Soloman - 03 January, 2018

Facebook is one platform you should never ignore, and Yomdel is able to extend its managed live chat service to your page. With over two billion active users worldwide, its dominance in the social media sector is hard to deny. As of the end of the year, there were 65 million business pages on Facebook, all hoping to grab the attention of its average 1.37 billion daily users.


There have been a number of changes to Facebook Messenger recently that have benefited business customer engagement. In fact, Facebook noted that every month 2.4 billion messages were being exchanged between people and businesses. They went on to say that research shows 52% of people are more likely to purchase from a business if they can message them directly.

At Yomdel, we have a way for you to maximise your Facebook page further. While Facebook Messenger has its ‘response assistant’, which can send automated instant replies to incoming messages immediately, Yomdel can extend its intelligent live chat to your Facebook pages to ensure you can communicate with your potential customers quickly, day or night. This enables ypu to offer the same level of customer service as you are able to offer on your website.

With so many people deeply engaged with Facebook, Yomdel can help you generate even more direct leads from your business page.

Live chat

By bolting on our live chat to your Facebook business page we can provide the same messaging service to your clients with the added, and more effective, alternative of live chat. Instead of sending an instant pre-designed automated message, your dedicated live chat operators will be able to answer your clients’ specific questions immediately, whilst also being available 24/7.

The advantages of this Yomdel bolt on mean that you don’t have to live on your Facebook page waiting for a message to arrive. Nor do your clients have to receive a pre-designed generic reply should you be busy or asleep when they contact you. With our skilled live chat operators, who are trained to service your potential clients just as well as a member of your team would, even having knowledge of specialist services or products, you will add value to the customer experience but also be given qualified and engaged leads that you will be able to convert into sales.

Facebook is another important medium for driving traffic to your website. You need to understand its purpose in your marketing mix, and not just create a page because your competitors have one. Having a bad Facebook page can reflect as poorly on your business as not having one at all.


Create content that engages and connects with your audience. Your content should help to push traffic to your website, from where we can qualify your leads effectively to give you the best possible chance of converting them into a paying client. Facebook content should be well thought out and displayed to have the maximum impact. Think about what would make you engage with a business Facebook page. Remember, it isn’t about ‘selling’ but ‘informing’; the minute your potential customers feel they are being sold to they will have already moved on.

Don’t ignore

 Facebook is one free marketing activity that you should not ignore, and by swapping response assist for our live chat you will start to see how 2018 can be your best year yet.


Yomdel is proud to be the pioneer of truly intelligent managed live chat in the UK, offering the best live chat experience that significantly improves an organisation’s website lead generation, converts customers into fans, and which also adds significantly to its clients’ bottom lines.


For more information, please visit www.yomdel.com or email info@yomdel.com 

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