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5 reasons managed live chat is a must for your website

Whether you’re looking to drive more sales, increase lead generation, or improve the customer service and support that you offer online, having...

How Yomdel Chat can generate leads for your business

No one likes to be sold to. That experience when you walk into a store and feel like the sales person is stalking you, we all hate it. They bombard...

Managed live chat versus inhouse live chat: What's the difference?

  Any live chat  solution will involve placing code on your website to allow for a two way conversation  in real time between the website visitor and...

Are you reactive or proactive when it comes to customer service?

We all demand more today; our online world has created a culture of instant gratification, as everything is at our fingertips and we can get...

The power of reviews and why you should take notice

No matter how much money you spend on marketing and advertising, you cannot compete of the power of word of mouth. It doesn’t matter if it is a...

More live chat myths dispelled

Following on from last week’s blog about live chat myths we got some really interesting questions from readers of the blog, so we are going to...

A Yomdel Poem

Written by Carolyn Lewin-Jenkins
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