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Yomdel has slashed its prices. Here's why.

Posted by Andy Soloman - 25 March, 2020

At this time it is more important than ever that we all work together, for together we are stronger, and at Yomdel the success of our clients is our success as well. Since the coronavirus crisis hit us, Yomdel has been pulling out all the stops to ensure we are able to continue to deliver our award-winning 24/7 managed live chat service. I'm delighted  to say the service is secure, we continue to operate with 100% uptime, and I know we are a lifeline for our partners and clients. Our fabulous team is doing a fabulous job.

With our service secure and staff safe, we have also turned our attention to how we can go further to help clients at this difficult time. We've taken a bold step, and announce a significant and immediate discount of 25% for all Yomdel clients. Further, this discount also applies to all new businesses joining us, and we have suspended set up fees and some other charges.

We believe this will help our partners maintain essential business operations and help them reduce costs. I should mention that with the significant drop in all business activity this is taking Yomdel below cost, but we are committed to investing in sharing the burden as it is in all of our interests.


When we started Yomdel in 2014, it was with a simple mission – to be a trusted business growth partner to our clients, to go above and beyond, and be there to help in the good times or bad. Beyond that we had a vision to create a community where great ideas could be shared and where we could all support each other.

Sadly, we’re firmly in the bad times at the moment, and Yomdel wants to do everything it can to help. With people increasingly not going out, locked down and staying behind closed doors, with offices closed and staffing reduced, the ability to be available to potential customers in real time online has never been more important.


At the present time it is a temptation to cease all expenditure and hunker down, but that is not necessarily going to be the best thing. The best businesses are looking to remove significant cost but at the same time they are looking at what happens next. In order to come out as strong as possible it requires a future view, and as each phase of the next "new Normal" emerges it needs strong commitment with cool, calm and decisive leadership. This means that companies are able to nudge onto a springboard to accelerate when the time comes.

This means that businesses that stop everything, turn out the lights and wait for things to pass, will be at an automatic disadvantage when opportunity re-emerges. Yomdel fits with helping companies being fit for the future, we can help businesses generate enquiries that can be fulfilled in the future. Move swiftly, and growth will follow.

But back to the present. I have been overwhelmed with amazing messages of support from clients who are so grateful for the discounts we have offered and the fact that we didn't need to wait to be asked. we moved, we moved decisively, and we firmly positioned ourselves on the side of our clients. When the bad times come people quickly show their true colours. I can hold the Yomdel head high, and honestly say we are the ethical company we would always wish to.


Out of all this, another thing is clear. We all need to consider how we do business and understand that we may never return to some of the things that we have always done. Now is the time to reshape our businesses, to think (and importantly) act differently. Whether it is establishing centralised functions, working closer with third party partners such as Yomdel, or investing in digital platforms and capabilities, we are all being challenged to think and act differently.

Yomdel is here to help and we're very happy to share our experience and expertise. We have a powerful large network and if you are facing challenges we may be able to help, so please do get in touch.

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