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We have a winner!

Posted by Andy Soloman - 23 May, 2018

Congratulations to Samantha Bateman from Belvoir! who has won an Amazon voucher from Yomdel worth £100!

As a business we are continuously looking for ways to improve our offering for our clients. Surveys are a great way to measure our performance; the praise confirms we are on the right path, but the greatest learning comes from those areas where we don’t score as highly as we'd like to.

It is easy to be blinkered, seeing things from only your own perspective and doing things in a way that you believe will benefit the client. In reality, however, your customers may see things quite differently. This is why we invest in collecting regular feedback from our customers.

By understanding our clients’ viewpoints we can ensure we are meeting their expectations, fulfilling their needs, and finding solutions to their problems. There are many studies that highlight the link between customer satisfaction and business performance. We achieve this by listening to their voice and establish stronger relationships at the same time. In short, by asking our customers what they think, we want them to know that we care.

We work with thousands of businesses across the UK and value each and every one of them. So if there are any changes we can make to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their investment with Yomdel, or simply to make their lives easier, we do all that we can.

And so to our winner!Samantha Bateman

Samatha Bateman has been a highly-valued Yomdel customer since 2017 and is the owner of the estate agency Belvoir! in Portsmouth. Thank you to Samantha for completing the survey and for helping us make Yomdel the best it can be for all of our customers. And a huge thank you also to everyone who completed the survey, we truly appreciate your time and support!

How do you ensure you're always improving and make sure your customers are getting the most out of working with you? Is obtaining regular feedback part of your business practices?


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