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Chestnut Tree House



Yomdel is in the business of people, so people matter to us


Yomdel takes its corporate & social responsibility very seriously, and we care about people the world over. People are our staff, our clients, the customers we deal with every day, and people make Yomdel what it is.

We believe in giving back, and helping wherever we can, those who struggle on this planet we all inhabit together. Whether through health, environment, poverty or injustice we believe those who have less than we do, deserve our support.

That's why we support a range of charities, UK and Global, and try to take part in charitable fundraising activities ourselves, as well as contributing through our business. Read more about them below:


Yomdel Charity Partnerships


Yomdel has always been about putting the customer first, but customers are people, and people are at the heart of everything. We try every day to make the lives of people in every community we are involved in, that bit better than before.
Tim Breden
Tim Breden
COO | Yomdel

Just A Drop - How you can help - Brochure


Yomdel’s “Spend a Penny” campaign supports Just a Drop in its work bringing safe water and sanitation to communities worldwide.


Under the “Spend a Penny” campaign, Yomdel clients in multiple sectors including property, travel, financial services and many more will be invited to “drip” in just 1p per live chat to a Just a Drop fund, meaning this is a very affordable way to help make a real difference to vulnerable people. Yomdel will in turn match fund to boost donation volumes.

Both organisations have close ties to the travel sector, with Just a Drop being supported by many key travel brands, while Yomdel is also a member of the Institute for Travel and Tourism. Yomdel is the market leader in the real estate sector in the UK and Australia, and is now bringing its deep expertise to travel companies in both countries.

During 2019, Just a Drop reached an incredible 165,753 people across Africa, Asia and Latin America with projects for safe water, sanitation and hygiene. You can read more about their work here.

You can also read more about Yomdel's commitment to Just a Drop, and the announcement of our partnership here.

Chestnut Tree House website logo


Yomdel also supports a children’s hospice in West Sussex, England


Chestnut Tree House cares for 300 children and young adults with progressive life-shortening conditions.

With our Head Office based in Billingshurst, West Sussex, this is a cause very close to our hearts, and Yomdel COO Tim Breden is a patron there.

The Yomdel team have devoted time and taken part in numerous activities to raise money for this fabulous charity, including a Charity Bake Sale, and Abseiling down Arundel Castle.


SOS Childrens Villages website logo

Yomdel is a contributor to SOS Children’s Villages in Davao, Philippines, where we support the education for one child for a year.


The village in Davao is home to around 145 children and it is part of SOS Children's Villages International which is active in 135 countries or territories around the world and works to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who are at risk of losing it. 

For more of Andy's visit, and the work Yomdel helps to support, read his blog here.



If you'd like to know more about any of Yomdel's charity partnerships, get involved, or contribute to our 'Spend a Penny' campaign through your Live Chat account - just get in touch anytime