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Andrews Property Case Study 1




Established in 1946, veterans of the property industry, Andrews is very much a 21st century business, with a belief in teamwork, full customer transparency and exceptional communication.

Across 48 offices, they offer an incredibly broad service in property sales and lettings, financial services, property asset management, leasehold management and land & new homes. Their obsession is adding value where it really matters, for a hugely varied client-base, with different needs.

"We provide our customers with exceptional property outcomes"

These are the words of David Westgate, Group Chief Executive of Andrews Property, and the ethos behind their constant ambition to optimise every aspect of their customer experience.






HIGH VALUE lead generation


Customer Satisfaction scores

Second response times



Unique in the property world, they are owned by 2 charitable trusts, and so it is their belief in the greater good, that actually underpins their philosophy to always put the customer first. With exceptionally high ambitions for their customers and staff, Andrews constantly target the very highest standards in customer experience and staff performance.

Staff who work with passion and purpose will give the customer their very best, so Andrews need to put everything into training and development, and also know they must give their teams the very best tools to do the job, and give the customer the service they expect.

“Yomdel don't just help us deliver the best customer experience, with the highest quality managed live chat on our website 24/7, their mystery shopping also enables us to design the best customer experiences by identifying areas for improvement, and motivating our teams to even higher standards of excellence"

Nick Moir, Head of Marketing


In 2017, Andrews chose to deploy Yomdel's 24/7 fully managed Live Chat on their website. Having expert human operators, available round the clock for their customers, able to answer questions helpfully and intuitively, was exactly the level of customer service they wanted to offer.

In 2019, Andrews went a major step further, commissioning Yomdel to provide Mystery Shopping on their home valuations for both sales and lettings, and also to benchmark themselves against their competition!



Yomdel's property experts applied proprietary Knowledge Banks to the Andrews service, quickly customised to cater for Andrews exceptional breadth of services.

Operators are able to talk freely and knowledgeably on any subject a website visitor may enquire upon. All chat transcripts are recorded, and lead information is available to Andrews staff within 15 minutes of the chat, enabling a swift personal follow-up.

Visitors are engaged personally, and proactively nurtured in a way that delivers to the customer needs first and foremost. This builds trust and empathy, and enormous belief in the Andrews brand.

As a result visitors convert to leads at a very high rate indeed, requesting follow-up calls, sales valuations and appointments.



To be the best, Andrews are prepared to test themselves regularly, and commissioned Yomdel to carry out a periodic Mystery Shopping programme.

Reviewing their Sales and Lettings operations across multiple branches, they commissioned video reports of home valuations - the most crucial conversion point in their sales process. They also included a benchmark review of 2 key competitors, to directly compare their own performance against their local rivals.

Yomdel completed a total of 36 home valuations, using professional mystery shoppers, receiving agents in their own homes, all videoed for Andrews subsequent analysis.




51% of all Andrews chats occur outside of standard business hours, so the service proves invaluable for their visitors.

In the last year Yomdel delivered a staggering 3,689 opportunities to the Andrews team, and an incredible 53% of these were high value opportunities:

847 - Seller enquiries

447 - Landlord enquiries

194 - Mortgage opportunities

Andrews offers incredible 24/7 service to ALL visitors, including tenants and speculative buyers, truly living up to their belief in serving the greater good.

In fact, 1,660 customer service chats took place which provided instant 1st contact query resolution.

Added to all the above, an average 1st response time of 11 seconds, it's not surprising that Customer Satisfaction scores are running at 96%!



The insights delivered made a significant impact upon Andrews' business, enabling process improvement and increased sales performance.

Consequently Andrews put in place a formalised quarterly programme over 12 months, across their network.

This quarterly programme enables Andrews to establish an upward trend of constant improvement, directly linked to team training and development.

Mystery shopping is built in to the business KPI monitoring, and directly linked to team performance incentives, ensuring the ideal balance of exceptional customer service and proactive revenue growth.



To complete the redesign and build of their new website, Andrews and Yomdel worked with digital agency Starberry, to continue their pursuit of exceptional customer experiences. Yomdel and Starberry worked together to take this to new levels of achievement, assisted by other members of the Innovation Collaboration Group (ICG) including Reapit.

The new website from Starberry offers a richer, more integrated experience for Andrews' visitors, and the ideal platform for Yomdel to support and nurture visitors through their journey.







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