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Yomdel Partnership Programme

Become a Sales Partner today

Become a Yomdel Sales Partner and earn recurring revenue.

Yomdel Partners benefit by helping their clients and earning recurring revenue for themselves.

It’s a win-win. If you run a business with clients who need to deliver the best customer experience, online, in-store or over the phone, becoming a Yomdel Partner could pay dividends for your clients AND your business.

Whether you deliver digital marketing, web services, e- commerce, retail marketing and customer support, consultancy services or advertising, Yomdel operates attractive schemes that deliver a revenue share for up to two years.

At Yomdel we want our clients and our partners to be happy. It’s a collaborative approach. The way we look at it, if you can make your clients happy through introducing them to the great benefits of having Yomdel help grow their business and boost sales conversions, then your reputation can only improve.


Partnership Options:

1. Sales Partner

A sales partner, takes a prospective client all the way from start to the signature on a Yomdel service agreement.

Reward: 10% of revenue, for two years from the date of the client signing the service agreement.

2. Referral Partner

A referral is an introduction, whereby the client understands the Yomdel offering and has expressed strong interest in the services.

Reward: 5% of revenue, for two years from the date of the client signing the service agreement.



Become a Yomdel Sales Partner today:

If you'd like to know more about becoming a Sales Partner with Yomdel, including full terms and details of agreement, simply download our Partnership Programme Brochure using the form below:

Or if you'd prefer to have a chat direct with us, just call our Marketing Director, Simon Taylor on 01403 616013.


DOWNLOAD: Our Partnership Programme Brochure