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Camm and Hooper Live Chat



Camm & Hooper specialise in delivering exceptional events in some of London’s most iconic venues. Banks, warehouses, townhouses, libraries; have all been reimagined and transformed by Camm & Hooper into permanent luxury event locations.

They have created wonderful spaces in some of the quirkiest buildings in the City, from The Banking Hall to Grace Hall, from Six Storeys to the Victorian Bath House. They have seven fantastic venues and can organise Weddings, Conferences, Corporate Parties, Roadshows, Fashion Shows and much, much more.

They cater for every element of the function, be that as simple as catering and furniture, right up to AV & Production, entertainers and DJs, props and everything else to make an event memorable.

“We know we have some fantastic, unique venues, and we have a great website with a clear, structured plan to drive traffic there. The missing link was our ability to engage with those web visitors, not just during the day but at night and at weekends.  Yomdel have a very structured and confidence building process, which eased our concerns and once live we knew we’d made the right decision.

It doesn’t end their either, they have a strong collaborative approach which ensures we’ve been able to seamlessly add more venues and change both targeting and objectives during the relationship as well.”

Rebecca Hadley, Head of Marketing, Camm & Hooper






Customer Satisfaction Scores


Business potential from 1400 leads

times : ROI from business won



Camm & Hooper opened their first venue, The Banking Hall, in 2014. As with all event venues, the crucial objective is maximum bookings and minimum vacancy! Significant marketing budgets were devoted to driving quality traffic to their website in order to generate enquiries, but in an internationally competitive market more was needed to maximise conversion to full enquiry and booking.

In a 24/7 global market, Camm & Hooper would run the risk that serious, high-value visitors would have questions that could not be answered out of hours, and enquiries would be lost to competitors in the extensive London market.

They needed to maximise return on every marketing pound spent generating visitors, by optimising conversion to enquiry. And they needed this done in a way that fully represented their brand values and experience expected by very high value customers.



Camm & Hooper’s driver for choosing Yomdel to supply Live Chat was two-fold. They needed customer experience experts who could look after their high-value, international web visitors, day and night, seven days a week, and also nurture each opportunity through to potential booking, which would require a significant amount of detail and qualification in order to address the enquiry successfully.

Yomdel Live Chat supported the Banking Hall website from September 2017, and proved so successful, it was subsequently rolled out to support other existing venues in the following 6 months.  Yomdel also supports Camm & Hooper’s newest venue, South Place Society, which opened in May 2019.

Naturally, the 24/7 cover was something Yomdel is well versed at, and supported by our comprehensive onboarding process, Camm & Hooper were entirely confident that Yomdel would deliver the right brand experience and also produce the enquiry conversion results they sought.

During the process of building our client specific Knowledge Bank, Camm & Hooper came to understand the depths of the Yomdel process, ensuring that our operators fully understand the Camm & Hooper business, and represent the brand with the tone, style and objectives that their prospective clients expect.

Yomdel’s 5 step process to proactively nurturing enquiries to become prospective customers was a key differentiator for Camm & Hooper, underlining our focus on maximising return and helping to grow their business.



Camm & Hooper’s initial core focus for Yomdel, was the depth of understanding Yomdel could glean from each enquiry. It was imperative that Camm & Hooper didn’t have to return calls to enquirers for basic information. Camm & Hooper carefully assessed each enquiry and directly tested them in their booking process.

“I really wanted to understand how Yomdel would capture the specific detail and content of these enquiries myself and the results were exceptional,”

said Rebecca.

“We had a double win, Yomdel were producing more leads and they’d already taken some of the work away from our business teams by supplying the right information sufficient to advance the quote.”

Customer satisfaction scores for Camm & Hooper run at 98%, smashing all normal industry standards.

“Yomdel have supplied us with well over 1,400 leads for Weddings and Corporate Events worth over £10 million.  Business directly won has resulted in a phenomenal ROI of 25:1, such is the value of Yomdel services. And crucially it has also added to our brand value, by enhancing our customer experience.

I have always found the Yomdel team are great to work with. They are very responsive and at one with our business, as they said they would be. They really do feel like a part of our team - brilliant!” 

Yomdel and Camm & Hooper are a strong partnership, both intent on growing the Camm & Hooper brand.

Yomdel generated a pipeline of £10 million for Camm & Hooper and delivered a exceptional ROI of 25:1.

Camm & Hooper have, of course, an exceptional brand offering a high quality service. Having Yomdel available 24/7, offering a fantastic digital customer service experience and intelligent live chat engagement is a complete joy and the added bonus is how well integrated this feels with our business. Their responsiveness and adaptability are superb and make them a good business growth partner.
Darren Hart
Director of Sales at Camm & Hooper
Put simply, Yomdel are a genuine extension of our own team, and seen as such by our web visitors. Great partners to work with, and they have a real knack for capturing great qualified leads. The ROI is important but equally so is the protection of our great brand, something they do perfectly
Our team were hugely impressed with the attention to detail the Live Chat operators clearly demonstrated in the generation of each lead. This level of detail and relevance of information has ensured that my team are highly motivated to follow up on the lead with confidence.


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