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Thakeham Homes-Live-Chat




Thakeham Homes is first and foremost a community business. They create developments with a focus on place-making and enhancing communities. Thakeham delivers private residential development and quality affordable homes, with infrastructure, road improvements, community facilities and schools, in south-east England.

They believe in going further and doing more. And it’s this philosophy that puts delivering the best customer experiences at the heart of everything they do.

In 2018, Thakeham Homes approached Yomdel, having realised that they needed to optimise their website, to ensure every possible visitor achieved their personal objectives in visiting the site.

“Yomdel has been an inspired choice for our business. Live chat on our website was important from a customer experience perspective, but the value Yomdel add by targeting, nurturing and ultimately generating leads for us, it is something we now rely on. It is an important component of our sales pipeline.”

Brett North, Marketing Director at Thakeham Homes







Chat to lead conversion


Highly motivated buyers


Additional mortgage opportunities



Thakeham needed to be sure that visitors received the best possible website experience, and that none went away unsure or unhappy about what they had found, without making an enquiry.

Any or every visitor might be a motivated buyer, who represent the best opportunity for Thakeham, and the core goal of their website is to capture these buyers’ attention and generate an enquiry.

They could see plenty of room to improve conversion of visitors to enquirers, and needed to explore all means available to do so.

More specifically, they wanted to be able to track visitor behaviour on their site, monitor visitor journeys, and proactively connect with those visitors showing greatest interest.



At the time Thakeham focused visitors entirely towards their standard web enquiry form, or to call their sales team on the phone. The former lacks immediacy of response, and the latter can be a bit intimidating or too soon.

Yomdel helped Thakeham deploy 24/7 fully managed live chat to their website, which addresses these challenges, and provides an instant, customer friendly solution, and in turn delivering valuable leads to Thakeham on a daily basis.

Visitors are greeted on the Thakeham Homes site, according to their needs, and where they are on their web journey, whatever the time of day or night. (It turns out that a full 53% of Thakeham enquiries are out of office hours, which resulted in a huge service improvement and far improved their digital customer experience!)

For Thakeham Homes, Yomdel updates the ‘Knowledge Bank’ (which it creates for all clients) on a weekly basis, so that operators have access to up to date information on new homes, pricing, etc. Again this ensures exceptional service delivery, which meets Thakeham customer expectations.

Yomdel operators are able to answer all enquiries, with speedy first response times of just 11 seconds, leading to customer satisfaction scores this year of more than 96%.



A truly fabulous 37% of all chats are converted to leads by Yomdel operators, and delivered to Thakeham Homes within minutes of any chat ending. An amazing 82% of the leads generated have been for highly motivated buyers who were interested in specific developments – the best leads Thakeham can get!

An additional bonus for Thakeham has been that 17% of buyers were also identified by Yomdel as being a mortgage referral opportunity – a further way for Thakeham to monetise lead generation and improve ROI.

These excellent results are driven by Yomdel’s intelligently targeted pro-active engagement with web visitors, following user journeys and behaviour, and interceding at the optimum moment to provide service which makes the difference.

Thakeham Homes are confident they have taken a big step forwards in delivering service excellence to all their customers, right from the very beginning of their journey.

Performance is consistently improving over time, as Thakeham move towards their goal of capturing evermore valuable buyers through their website.



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