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Hydropool hot tubs and spas




Like every other business in the UK, when Hydropool had to address the impact of Coronavirus Lockdown, the implications were significant.

In the main, stores were closed, customers unable to view, let alone try out the products! Surely a sales slump was inevitable?

Well the answer turned out to be absolutely not! In fact, with some inspired sales innovation, Hydropool continued to trade at exceptional levels. Read on to find out how!

Hydropool have been in business for over two decades, and their products - Hot Tubs and SwimSpas, are renowned as the ultimate in relaxation. Hydropool are not only the longest established Hot Tub and SwimSpa company in the United Kingdom but they have expanded into creating state-of-the-art, innovative designs to satisfy their clients' personal specifications and desires. Their range is extensive, offering SwimSpas for everything from solo training and rehabilitation, to homely Hot Tubs to enjoy with friends and family.

They pride themselves on offering a genuine quality product, in a sector which has seen the introduction of cheap imports and corner cutting in terms of product quality. Their reputation is something they’re immensely proud and protective of.

They firmly believe in ‘the sale' being a consultative process and that is the cornerstone of their business. They have a strategic commitment to helping their customers to discover a new level of luxury, which is as strong today as it was when they began selling Hot Tubs and SwimSpas over 20 years ago. 

So Coronavirus Lockdown presented a significant challenge to their consultative sales process, and they quickly realised they would have to rely on a new digital approach to offer exceptional service.

From the outset it was clear we needed to engage better online. We have tremendous success at events and in store, however, once we delved further into the digital world, it became evident that our website was fast becoming one of our new stores!  The missing link was how we meet, greet and engage with these web visitors, not just during the day but 24/7. 
Yomdel’s processes are very robust and they clearly define the objectives of their clients with focused targeting and a results led strategy. We very quickly found this increased our confidence in the service and led to instant well qualified leads.

Jonathan Bunn, MD Hydropool



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from 6 leads in 6 weeks

leads within 6 months


Customer Satisfaction scores



Hydropool have spent many years building a reputation for excellence. They primarily sell at exhibitions and shows such as The Ideal Home Show franchise in many cities, Grand Designs, The Southampton Boat Show and many others. Their primary digital marketing goal has been to drive visitors to their website, to showcase their products, and capture prospect details.

As their desire to satisfy the consumer “culture of now” increased, Hydropool approached Yomdel to explore how we could help them better engage with website visitors, and optimise data capture and lead generation.

Their main objectives were:

  • Conversion of web visitors into prospective clients
  • 24/7 engagement capability
  • To further enhance brand values of a high-quality business with exceptional product and service experience


The onboarding team at Yomdel spent  considerable time planning Live Chat deployment with Hydropool MD, Jonathan Bunn. Whilst the fundamental objective is always to capture critical customer enquiry details, Jonathan wanted Yomdel to initiate the process of moving prospects along the sales pipeline, making them feel they were already in the decision making process.

This was especially important as Hydropool believe that more people will now purchase online, or at least select a showroom to visit and seek more information, or even book a “dip” in a spa!

In chat, the targeting was clear - first and foremost to capture those critical details which could be used to invite people to future exhibitions or into showrooms.  After this it would be to glean more information on budgets, locations, needs and desires.

During Coronavirus Lockdown, Hydropool took rapid steps to innovate their service by offering online, video walk-rounds and demonstration of their spa and hot-tub products.

They were able to provide the potential customer with a 'virtual demonstration' of the product, whilst answering all questions live, in real time, on video with the customer.

And naturally they enabled and encouraged Yomdel to offer this service to customers enquiring via Live Chat.

Throughout the relationship with Yomdel, Hydropool appreciate the depths that Yomdel go to, ensuring that our operators fully understand the Hydropool business, and can represent the brand with the tone, style and exceptional service expected by their prospective customers. Hydropool’s confidence in Yomdel delivering to their needs grew beyond expectations.



Live chat for Hydropool has been running since November 2018, with Yomdel’s primary focus being lead generation. It was important that we delivered high chat to lead conversion levels, and very quickly this achieved 28%.

This equated to over 300 leads inside 6 months. With an average product value of £12,000, the ROI is superb.

More recently, from the immediate advent of Coronavirus Lockdown, using their adapted sales technique, Hydropool converted 6 high value leads delivered by Yomdel from Live Chat, in the first 6 weeks of lockdown!

That instantly brought over £96k of revenue in a UK market that had virtually closed down!

This underlines the importance of instant online customer service now, more than ever before, as the world moves predominantly online.

Aside from incredible sales opportunities and ROI, Yomdel also deliver the exceptional digital customer experience that Hydropool require, with consistent CSAT scores of 98%.

We’re looking forward to our next chapter of development, with further integration of Hydropool and Yomdel.

The Live Chat leads are without doubt the most ‘on the money’ leads you can talk to, provided you get to them quickly. The live leads have outperformed all other lead sources in ROI including Google Adwords, FaceBook advertising & Industry Lead generation.
Jonathan Bunn
Jonathan Bunn
Internally we were concerned that the Yomdel team might not understand the product or be able to capture the information we need to take the sales process further; we were pleasantly surprised! Our sales team really value the Yomdel leads and jump on them when they arrive. We are currently talking with Yomdel as to how we can further ingrain them into our systems and take the initial lead process even further.
We are very proud of our reputation, and carefully protect the brand we have built over many years, so we were delighted that Yomdel lived up to our intense scrutiny and are now an integral part of our sales process. They are a seamless part of the customer journey, and are clearly passionate about growing our business.


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