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- Case Study -



Sydney Seaplanes Travel Live Chat Case Study




Seaplanes have been flying out of Sydney Harbour in Australia for 80 years they’ve become a quintessential part of the iconic Sydney skyline as they fly right over some of the world’s most awe-inspiring views - the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Pittwater, a string of pristine city beaches and the luxuriant bushland of the Hawkesbury River region.

With visitors from all over the globe, they offer a variety of scenic trips, and create special occasions based around flights from their Rose Bay Terminal.

As with all forward-thinking businesses, they recognise that consumer behaviour
is evolving rapidly, so they constantly seek new ways to extend customer service through their website.

In 2018, Sydney Seaplanes added a live chat function to their website, to be handled in-house at their customer contact centre in Rose Bay. The team there was charged with handling chats during their working hours, in addition to the previously handled inbound and outbound telephone calls. 

“We loved the tremendous results we’d got from our daytime teams and quickly realised that we needed to extend the offering to be 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

We met with Yomdel who are very active in our local market, and they immediately looked like the perfect partner.

We felt they really understood our business, and would do a first-class job … something they continue to prove.”

Aaron Shaw, CEO, Sydney Seaplanes




Sydney Seaplanes logo



Chat to lead conversion


New booking opportunities


Annual revenue from Live Chat



Live chat immediately started to produce results for Sydney Seaplanes, and their web visitors showed a clear desire to be able to engage in real time with human operatives.

However, they soon realised that as an international business they had web visitors arriving on their website 24/7 and these people were looking to book trips and occasions and needed help with the planning or simply wanted to pay!

They asked themselves: how could they capture these web visitors 24/7 and still retain the level of service they currently offered during the day, Monday to Friday?



Recognising that they needed to be available not just during the day but 24/7, Sydney Seaplanes met with Yomdel in Australia in October 2018 to discuss an out of hours operation, which would enable them to target more people on their website, capture more leads and grow their business further.

Yomdel then reviewed the existing daytime operations, and helped to optimise the in-house live chat service.

Yomdel created in-depth knowledge banks and other key information to enable skilled live chat operators to represent Sydney Seaplanes in the out of hours operation.

So strong were results and conversion levels, that in 2019 Sydney Seaplanes added Yomdel's Live Connect sales integration to their Live Chat service.



As out of hours leads and enquiries were delivered by Yomdel, Sydney Seaplanes scrutinised them carefully, in direct comparison to leads generated by their own team in office hours.

“The results were exceptional,”

said Aaron.

“We had a double win, Yomdel were producing more leads than we did in the daytime, AND they were converting to bookings at higher levels as well.”

A huge 83% of leads generated were new booking opportunities, and customer satisfaction scores also hit an all-time high, with an average of 97%.

Yomdel’s chat to lead conversion was an extremely high 45%!

“Our team was hugely impressed with the level of detail and information that Yomdel captured in their leads, which makes them really motivated to deal with Yomdel leads before any others” 

Sydney Seaplanes have enjoyed a tremendous ROI of 3,049% or 31:1, from the Yomdel service with an achieved revenue of more than $415,000 generated in the in 2019.

Given the exceptional results from Yomdel just working out of hours in the first few months, Sydney Seaplanes then decided to stand down their in house team from October 2019 and let Yomdel take over 24/7 ready for the peak summer months. 



Standard Yomdel leads convert to business at an amazing 38%, but when the unique Yomdel Live Connect service is added that conversion jumps to an exceptional 61.7%. Yomdel Live Connect sees the prospect being fully qualified in live chat before a soft human-led handover to a voice call with the sales team.

Whats more, aside from the big jump in conversion average transaction values also increased by 18%!

Yomdel now accounts for around 15% of all Sydney Seaplanes revenue and the relationship goes from strength to strength.

Being available 24/7 with Yomdel provides our customers in Australia and around the world an exceptional digital customer experience.
Aaron Shaw
CEO | Sydney Seaplanes
Intelligent live chat is completely aligned with our business objective of being responsive and always available. In a very short time Yomdel has become a critical extension of our own team.
We have found them perfect partners to work with and they have struck a rich seam of new business that we might never have seen. It's wonderful the way Yomdel has integrated with our business, but more than that, the ROI at way over 2,000% is phenomenal.


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