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Customer Journey Mapping

Optimise every customer touchpoint to grow your business

What is Journey Mapping?

A customer journey is a complex, often unpredictable pathway through multiple touchpoints across your business.

Stages may often be repeated, as a customer goes through reconsideration or uncertainty. Creating a linear journey, and trusting that the customer can be directed along a path, somehow within your control, is a route to certain customer disappointment and frustration.

Yomdel Customer Journey Mapping puts your customer at the heart of the process. We stand in your customer’s shoes, and work with you to understand and define exactly how a customer will interact with your business.


How does it work?

We consider customer motivations and desired outcomes at every stage.

Against this we map the business objectives and desired outcomes for every same stage.

To create the optimum customer journey, which will result in maximum value for your business, we must marry the two.

Only by aligning business objective to the primary consideration of customer objective, can we determine the optimum course of action to take in either designing your new customer experience, or revising and improving your existing one.

What is required?

A Yomdel Customer Experience consultant will conduct 1 or more workshops (according to the size and scale of your current customer engagement), with defined key stakeholders from your business.

These highly interactive workshops will mine the knowledge of your team, under the structured guidance of your consultant, to comprehensively define your current customer touchpoints and pathways, to ultimately determine where change and improvement is required. This is done in 3 stages:

Output from Stage 1 will be a detailed written document - your Touchpoint Framework - itemising every possible interaction across all channels, at every stage of your marketing and sales process.

Stage 2 will apply the filters of Customer Objectives and Business Objectives (in that order!) to your Touchpoint Framework, clearly defining desired outcomes at every journey point.

The final Stage 3 uses the completed Touchpoint Framework to determine the best 'treatment' a customer should receive at a given point, to achieve the optimum outcome.

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