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Instaservice: Customer service gets speedy and social

Posted by Andy Soloman - 24 December, 2012

It's not that customers have suddenly become impatient, but our instant social media and other communication channels are creating a sense of expectation. If companies fail to engage quickly, openly and honestly they are leaving themselves open to, at best, criticism, and at worst, unhappy customers who swiftly head off to the competition.

In the latest infographic to be highlighted by Yomdel, those fine folk Zendesk shared the following example of "Instaservice. Customer Service Gets Speedy and Social" back in September. If it tells you nothing else, make sure you understand just how critical it is to listen and engage with customers. The quicker that is done, even if it is dealing with problems, the more likely you are to create a satisfied customer who will then share their positive experience across Twitter, Facebook or other social media channels.

Of course, here at Yomdel, we believe that using live chat will give you the edge in answering customer queries in real time, especially when it is integrated with other social media channels. But then again, we may be biased!

Infographics of the Year - Instaservice. Customer Service Gets Speedy and Social

Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog

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