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How expensive is cheap live chat?

Saving money, or minimising cost, on the cheapest live chat you can deploy could be the most expensive mistake you make for your business.

Top 10 Live Chat quick wins you need to know

Live chat is becoming a must for businesses who want to connect with as many potential customers as possible. It’s understandable – 87% of purchasing...

Live Chat Customer Support: How to assess quality

B&B or the Ritz – what live chat would you choose? The truth is, not all Live Chat is created equal.

3 steps to increase your website conversions

As business owners and digital marketers, you face the same challenge day in day out, regardless of the industry you operate in – “How do we increase...

Improve your service with customer psychology

Customer Experience can all come down to psychology, and training your staff is ultimately the answer. Do you ever really know what your customer...

Getting close to the action

I’ve had a bad week. Well, Tuesday morning was bad. By lunchtime on Tuesday things were looking a bit rosier, and by Wednesday I was back to my...

5 reasons artificial intelligence chat is not a good idea

Chatbots, or artificial intelligence (AI) powered 24/7 instant communication channels online sounded marvellous. The promise was out of this world....

Process: the importance of structure in daily tasks

How important is process to a business? From the smallest business to the most established brands in the world, having a well-defined business...

Can you really know your customer?

Know Your Customer! An easy thing to say, but what does it mean, and how do you go about it?
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