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You can't improve if you don't measure!

Implementing new ways of working quickly, can leave a business blind to its current performance. Getting measurement in place early fuels constant...

Ready, steady, go - time to reconnect!

Right now is the time to re-connect As we wait for additional clarifications and detail on exactly when and how our shops and services can re-open...

Can you make sense of all the future-gazing?

Looking ahead is scary but research can help There are a lot of research tracker studies going on at the moment, for sentiment analysis and consumer...

5 GOOD THINGS to come from Coronavirus!

I know, there are a lot of bad things happening right now, thanks to the unrelenting progress of the Corona virus. However, believe it or not, there...

The Highs and Lows of Estate Agency CX

How good is the Customer Experience in your Estate Agency? “We’re a small team. I know all my staff do a good job”

Getting Close to the Action - Yomdel

I’ve had a bad week. Well, Tuesday morning was bad. By lunchtime on Tuesday things were looking a bit rosier, and by Wednesday I was back to my...

Can you really know your customer?

Know Your Customer! An easy thing to say, but what does it mean, and how do you go about it?
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