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Four New Year resolutions for successful ecommerce in 2013

Instaservice: Customer service gets speedy and social

It's not that customers have suddenly become impatient, but our instant social media and other communication channels are creating a sense of...

Why the online customer experience matters (Infographics of the Year)

'Tis the season to be jolly aware that online customer experience really matters. This infographic from ForSee shows  us why. With over half of the...

How social logins affect ecommerce (Infographics of the Year)

At Yomdel we're constantly on the lookout for great infographics that succinctly gather key ecommerce intelligence and then present it in a simple...

Live chat operator services, a brief introduction

Yomdel has live chat operator solutions for just about any market segment. Whether you are in online retail, property or entertainment, if your...

Tackling shopping cart abandonment with live chat (infographic)

By Andy Soloman In today's ZMOT world, online shoppers are easily distracted and cart abandonment is common. People are often less brand loyal than...

How to test your live chat service: Part 3 - information requirements

  Understand your information requirements

Live chat solutions from Yomdel: How they work (Presentation)

At Yomdelhurst we have lots of people asking how we work and how Yomdel will be able to help grow their online business. The truth is that there is...
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