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Yomdel Pricing

See the highest returns from your Customer Experience investment

Every penny spent pays back fast

Investing in customer experience today, will return dividends in revenue growth, customer value and loyalty, and employee satisfaction. Whether you want...

  • To be "open all hours" with intelligent, human operators handling chats on your behalf 24/7.
  • A first-hand insight into how your staff are handling interactions with your customers through mystery shopping. 
  • Invaluable insights from experiential market research that will guide your business decisions.

...there's a Yomdel package for you.

In every case we will discuss with you exactly what your expected payback will be. With Yomdel, you don't add cost - you make an investment, that we ensure you return on.

Simply select a product below to request the relevant pricing information.

Live Chat

24/7, intelligent managed live chat that gives you a team of dedicated, human operators handling chats on your behalf

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Yomdel Mystery Shopping

Real shoppers assess their interactions with your staff, to give you a first-hand view of how your business is run

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Yomdel Market Research

Experiential research that helps guide your business with market insight from prospects, customers and employees

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The Yomdel Guarantee

Don't you hate it when you're bought into a service, only to be told about additional costs in the small print?

We never do that to our customers! With our pricing, you get all of the information from the outset, so you can make an informed decision. You'll know exactly what your total investment will be, and your expected return.

Put simply, what you see is what you pay, and what you pay will return you more!

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