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FTA Financial Services Live Chat




Frank Taylor & Associates is just one part of The FTA Group, which offers a range of business services to dental professionals looking to sell, buy or develop a dental practice.

Whether it's helping you step onto the practice ownership ladder, secure finance, advice to meet CQC regulations, video marketing, employment/HR legal services, financial planning advice or dealing with your practice sale when the time comes, the FTA Group can help you every step of the way along your career journey.

"The Yomdel online chat service has been a great asset to our business and has proved a fantastic extension to our team. 
From the initial conversations, right through to the launch of the service on our company websites, the Yomdel team has been an efficient and easy partner to work with."
Chris Strevens - Director


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Chats out of office hours


Chat to Lead conversion

Seconds, average response time



Capturing and holding customer attention on a website is as crucial in Financial Services as anywhere, and often leads to more questions than in other sectors.

Frank Taylor & Associates (FTA) expect to generate significant leads across their multiple websites, and needed an enquiry handling solution with 24/7 availability, to ensure that visitors found what they sought, and could progress their enquiry immediately.

No lead should ever be lost for the sake of an unanswered question.



FTA has deployed Yomdel's fully managed 24/7 Live Chat on 4 of their websites:





Click the images on this page to see Live Chat on each site.

Highly trained, sector specialist, human chat operators are available 24/7 to respond to visitors on any site. They use custom created Knowledge Banks, approved by FTA to deliver accurate, on brand responses to any query.

Building trust and empathy, through authentic conversation, the operator proactively nurtures and interested visitor to become a lead, booking appointments where appropriate and always qualifying the opportunity for FTA staff to follow up.

Leads are transferred directly to the appropriate FTA team within 15 minutes of any chat, fully summarised and tagged which enables filtering and prioritisation. Chat transcripts are included so that full context of conversation is known the the team member following up.

The FTA team also have real-time access to the Yomdel client Live Chat Dashboard, giving them instant access to performance metrics and full chat data.



Surprising to some, a full 40% of chats across all sites take place outside standard office hours, rising as high as 54% on the FTA Finance site. This provides FTA site visitors with an exceptional online customer experience that leads to higher conversions and sales.

A tremendous 48% of all chats convert to leads, for active follow-up by the FTA team, ensuring a very healthy return on investment in the Live Chat service.

Chats across all sites are responded to within 12 seconds and chats which become leads often last over 10 minutes as visitors become highly engaged.

All of which results in customer satisfaction scores consistently returned between 96 and 100%.

We’ve generated numerous new business leads as a direct result of the service, so it has certainly proved great value for money and a worthwhile investment for our business.
Chris Strevens


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