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VIDEO - The benefits of live chat in 6 minutes

Posted by Andy Soloman - 15 April, 2013

At this year's Internet Retailing Expo, Yomdelier in Chief Andy, presented a brief introduction to the benefits of live chat to a packed audience in the eSeller "Advanced Selling Techniques" conference.

In six minutes he showed the audience just how live chat can help their businesses increase sales and create more happy customers. The presentation showed:

  • More than 20% of customers now say live chat is their preferred online communication channel
  • Answering customer questions with live chat can reduce abandonment by around 50%
  • Live chat will drive customer satisfaction (CSAT) levels to in excess of 85% and often much higher
  • Live chat supports the 70% of online transactions that take place outside of standard business hours
  • Conversion rates soar, and customers that used live chat are 12x more likely to share a positive via social media than if they self served.

The excellent video produced by the team at IRX is below, please do share if you find it useful. You can also see more video presentations from IRX on the expo website, and there is some great content. So, even if you couldn't make the show, you'll still be able to benefit from watching some of the sharpest ecommerce minds around.

If you would rather view and download the presentation on the benefits of live chat, you can find it on the Yomdel page on Slideshare.

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