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Social media engagement and the help desk revolution (infographic)

Posted by Yomdelier - 09 January, 2013

We know that social media is everywhere and Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others are driving convergence in behaviour. Social media has the power to bring people together, and to bring brands together with their customers. But importantly, social media engagement is also driving expectations that questions can be answered almost immediately.

While live chat operators can answer questions in real time and help customers complete their purchases, by also integrating social media engagement in the customer service solution, businesses are able to continue that conversation with customers and others even after they have left the website.

Thanks to Aldo Baker for getting in touch to share this useful infographic illustrating how the social help desk brings real-time response to customer services.

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Social media engagement and the help desk revolution
The Social Help Desk Revolution — Brought To You By Desk.com

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