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Video - Entrepreneurs Circle presents Yomdel to drive conversions

Posted by Yomdelier - 26 April, 2015

Entrepreneurs CircleWe all know that our clients should be our greatest advocates, and so it is with Yomdel. It makes us hugely proud that our rapid growth is being fuelled not by an ever-increasing marketing spend but through referrals from networks where our clients are active. One such example is that of EweMove.com, the national estate agency franchise. It just so happens that EweMove are active within the Nigel Botterill's Entrepreneurs Circle, the UK's largest membership organisation devoted to business growth.

Given the great results we have been achieving for EweMove, one Friday afternoon Nigel Botterill called up to say he was going to present Yomdel to a national Entrepreneurs Circle conference devoted to conversion a few days later. It was, he said, impressive to see how Yomdel's managed live chat helped boost online conversions. You can see the video below.



As Nigel mentions in the video, Yomdel previously had no contact or relationship with the Entrepreneurs Circle, and is not a member of the organisation. But it is marvellous as it dovetails wonderfully with one of our stated aims to try to help small- and medium-sized enterprises offer an unparalleled online service that enables them to compete with the biggest companies in the world.
A special thanks to Glenn, David and the team at EweMove and also to Nigel for presenting Yomdel to his highly motivated members.

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