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Online shopping stops for dinner? Or does it?

Posted by Andy Soloman - 10 April, 2014

Online shopping or dinner? Or is it online shopping with dinner? The answer it seems, is down to where you come from. For some, a good meal is enough to put online shopping on hold, while for others their shopping continues irrespective of what delicacies are being served up.

National stereotyping is rarely useful, but given the British reputation for uninspired cuisine -- not true, I should add, and I'm English so I should know -- it comes as no surprise that for the British together with the Germans online shopping at lunch and dinner times continues without even a pause to chew properly. But make no mistake, for the French and Italians food comes first.

Online shopping comparison site Idealo, which is active across Europe, has crunched its price comparison stats to find that while the British and Germans appear to buckle down to finding the next bargain during their lunch hours and after work in the evening, if you are French or Italian you will be putting down the PC, laptop or iPad and picking up a knife and fork instead.

Idealo have produced the following fun infographic that clearly shows dips in traffic at times the French are summoning the waiter for lunch, or when the Italians gathered around the dining table for a family dinner.

The evening is the most important time for online shopping, with volumes peaking around 8pm - 9pm in Britain and Germany, while the French and Italians are most focussed on shopping before dinner in the evening.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Online shopping dips at mealtimes in France and Italy Credit: Idealo

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