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COVID-19: Yomdel launches rapid-to-deploy emergency live chat teams

Posted by Andy Soloman - 10 March, 2020

Live chat teams can be used to relieve overwhelmed customer services in the face of  a deluge of telephone and email enquiries.

Yomdel has launched a specialist rapid deployment live chat team to help companies with customer support teams that are struggling to cope with huge additional volumes of inbound enquiries from people concerned about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Travel companies and businesses or organisations impacted by the increasing global threat of the virus simply can’t cope. They are wrestling with customers wanting to cancel trips or bookings, check status, or secure refunds. In many cases people can’t even get through.

In response to the rapidly emerging crisis and client requests, Yomdel has launched its rapid-to-deploy emergency “COVID-19 Live Chat Relief (CLCR)” 24/7 managed live chat teams. The teams work off ready-developed scripts and knowledge bases built from official government and health advice, and businesses and other organisations will then follow a simple process to add their own specific information.

“In times of crisis it is more important than ever to ensure customers are able to quickly access the correct information, or log their issue for resolution. I was told by one travel agent that he gave up after being on hold for 3 hours 25 mins with a major theme park, and clearly that is unsustainable when people need information quickly,” said Yomdel Founder & CEO Andy Soloman.

“The beauty of live chat is that Yomdel’s skilled operators can handle multiple simultaneous chats. It is a fact that the majority of enquiries will also be able to be solved at the point of first contact, meaning only important and qualified cases will be escalated to the central team,” he added.

Many businesses and other groups are struggling to put in place emergency contingency plans, especially given the unknown nature of the threats posed by coronavirus and a fast-changing situation.

“They need to not only find ways to quickly, easily and cheaply communicate with customers, but their staff may have fears about being in the workplace or chancing overcrowded commuter trains and buses and they need support too,” said Soloman.

Outsourcing to Yomdel helps companies partially mitigate the risks of employees not able to attend the workplace, and delivers increased capacity very quickly.

Additionally, Yomdel has established strong contingency planning to ensure service continuity should the coronavirus situation significantly worsen. Through operating across multiple centres the company can mitigate threats in specific areas and strong internal measures have been adopted.

How CLCR works:

  • Yomdel “COVID-19 Live Chat Relief (CLCR)” team can typically be deployed in 3-7 days once live chat operator training and scripts are completed.
  • CLCR integrates into existing customer support teams
  • CLCR operators can handle multiple enquiries at the same time
  • CLCR can be used for large and small organisations. Smaller organisations can use shared resources.
  • Option to add email handling to live chat service

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