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Sales Team Integration

Connect your hottest prospects directly to your sales team in real time

Improve live chat lead conversion by over 60%

Yomdel Live Connect is a bespoke integration for Yomdel Live Chat that enables client sales teams to be immediately connected via voice to those web visitors who are are displaying the strongest buying signals. These are the hottest leads available to you!

Our customers report conversion rates 67% higher with prospects that they speak to via Yomdel Live Connect.

Integrate your sales team directly with your live chat service to fast track your best leads straight to your point of conversion.

What is Yomdel Live Connect?

During specified hours, when a Yomdel live chat operator successfully captures a lead, and identifies strong buying signals from a website visitor, your sales team will be rapidly connected with the person via a voice call.

This “Hot Lead” will be patched through for you to then speak directly to the prospective customer and hopefully close the new business.

From a customer’s point of view this is a terrific digital experience that equates to world-class Customer Experience. With Yomdel Live Connect, you can speak live with prospective customers on your website, just at the very moment they most want to buy.

Read our Arun Estates Case Study for full details

“These are numbers that blew us away,”
said Arun Estates MD David Lench,
“and they have given us a new perspective
on customer experience as an investment.
Done right, as here with Yomdel,
it pays incredible dividends very quickly.”

Read Arun Estates - Live Connect Case Study

How does it work?

1. The operator asks a series of questions via live chat to ensure that the lead is fully qualified and of high-value.

2. The prospect is asked if they would like to speak to someone immediately.

3.  A Yomdel Customer Service Supervisor calls you to let you know that you have a hot lead. They give you all of the necessary information so that you don't have to repeat any of the same questions that have already been answered.

4. The call is rapidly patched through so that you can strike while the iron's hot!


As a subscriber to Yomdel Live Connect you will be assigned a dedicated tracking phone number that routes directly through to a hotline number with your sales team that you specify.

Alongside the call, Yomdel will directly message you with the key information on the prospect; typically name, contacts and a brief summary of requirements.

All we need from you is your preferred dedicated number or numbers for us to call and the times when you will have a sales person or other team member available to take the call.

Once you decide you want to go ahead it can typically be activated within 1-2 days. Yomdel Live Connect is only available to existing Yomdel Live Chat clients and is billed in addition to existing service costs.

Boost your sales productivity - track every enquiry and conversion

Yomdel Live Connect is a subscription service, and call costs are reconciled monthly. You only pay for what you use, and Yomdel will track every call, the time you were connected, for how long, and to which number so that you can fully evaluate the return.

If you'd like to know more about Yomdel Live Connect, or Yomdel Live Chat, why not book a short demo meeting:

SCHEDULE A CHAT    One of our team, will be delighted to provide full details, and answer all your questions.


Aligning and integrating ALL elements of your sales process, will increase productivity, raise conversion levels, and improve your overall cost per sale. Talk to Yomdel today about growing your business by optimising your Customer Experience.