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Live Chat Google Analytics

Google Analytics Integration

Optimise paid traffic with live chat outcome analysis

With Yomdel Live Tracking, you can match your live chat leads back to your inbound acquisition channels 

Would you like to know exactly which PPC campaign drives the best leads?
Which ones drive the best active engagement in live chat?
Which ones convert best to lead registrations?

Yomdel Live Tracking
is a custom integration for your Google Analytics account, that enables real-time tracking of actual chat outcomes, alongside the acquisition source channel that delivered the visitor to your website. So now you can measure engagement and outcome by ALL channels.

How will this help your business?

Google Analytics is used by businesses the world over to track, analyse and improve website performance.


Live chat is a really important aspect of website performance. However until now, Google Analytics could only tell you if a live chat had occurred.


It could not tell you what the outcome of that chat was, because Google cannot interpret the textual conversation of a live chat.


That is exactly why Yomdel Live Tracking was developed. Any Yomdel Live Chat client will now be able to truly analyse the impact of live chat on each web visitor acquisition channel.


Compare lead conversion from live chat, across PPC campaigns, email campaigns and social channel activities. Every source that you pay for, to drive traffic to your website, can be evaluated for its ability to generate live chats and in turn identify those that produce the hottest leads.


From this analysis, you can then prioritise your acquisition spend to the most productive channels, improving your targeting and crucially reducing overall cost per lead to your business.

If you have a web agency supporting your business, they will love Yomdel Live Tracking too.
Founder & CEO, Andy Soloman talks about how
Yomdel Live Tracking can add value to your business! 

Yomdel Live Tracking
Imagine being able to track in real time exactly how many chats convert into leads (broken down by lead type), and from which channels those leads came from!
You'll be able to instantly prioritise future campaigns and maximise your return on investment.

To find out more including how it works, and pricing, download the
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Read our Case Study

Case Study: Fountain Partnership are the digital agency for Ewemove, and have delivered a 620% increase in website conversion rates.

Marcus Hemsley, Creative Director at Fountain Partnership describes how:

At Fountain, we believe what you measure you can improve.  We want to look at the full funnel for our clients, and Yomdel Live Tracking's integration allows us to measure and analyse the outcomes of live chats as they happen via our Google Analytics. 

We can now clearly see the impact of Yomdel on our client PPC campaigns. This not only enables us to present a full conversion and ROI picture to our clients but gives us visibility to see where the most profitable clients are coming from on live chat, so we can optimise our campaigns to get more of them. 

At the end of the day, optimisation is about prioritisation, Yomdel's tracking and integration helps us see where to allocate resource to maximise revenue and profit for our clients.

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