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Working with Yomdel since 2017, Jones Robinson are an estate agency group that knows the importance of delivering exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint and through every communication channel.

Already partnering with Yomdel to deliver exceptional customer experiences, through 24/7 managed Live Chat and Mystery Shopping services, they have also added Customer Satisfaction Research to help them deliver on that brand promise.

"Since the autumn we've been working with Yomdel to create a simple but effective customer feedback platform for all our clients at every stage of their journey with us.
The results have been invaluable, allowing us to take action, where necessary, to recover relationships that we didn’t know were failing as well as giving us the ability to change our processes to ensure that we continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customer."
Charles Robinson - Founder & Director


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One of the key objectives for Jones Robinson is to get very detailed feedback on the performance of each individual staff member on their team to reward outstanding customer service and to identify any additional training or support that may be required.



Each month, Yomdel conducts a large volume of concise customer satisfaction telephone interviews with Jones Robinson customers from across their five-branch network.

Different groups of customers are targeted based on the type of relationship or interaction they have with Jones Robinson, for example:

  • tenants
  • professional landlords
  • potential vendors after a market appraisal
  • prospective buyers following property viewings

However, key to the validity of the data is that the customers are selected at random within those categories directly from Jones Robinson’s CRM system.

Any customers who have requested not to be contacted for marketing or research purposes are removed from the list and anyone who is unwilling to participate on first contact by Yomdel is also labelled accordingly.

Yomdel is able to sort and filter the customer database to ensure that we contact a random sample of customers of every member of staff so everyone has a fair opportunity of receiving feedback on their customer service.

Individual reports are sent by email following every completed call with a customer, which the business is then able to act upon immediately.

All staff members receive specific and individual feedback which encourages self-awareness and continuous improvement.

The customer satisfaction survey consists of two very simple questions:

  1. How likely would you be to recommend Jones Robinson to friends and family?

  2. Please can you explain why you have given that score?


Our interviewers then encourage the customer to provide as much detail as possible, whether good, bad or neutral, so Jones Robinson get very precise and timely intelligence on how their customers are feeling and why.



Yomdel creates a visual monthly report, bringing together the results of all the calls, to present the overall CSAT Score for the group, the scores across the different branches, and the score for different departments or touchpoints within the business.

How does CSAT scoring work

The report also features a staff league table detailing each staff member’s personal score, cumulatively month on month, so they can track their own consistency in delivering excellent customer service, or be motivated to improve their ranking the following month.

A management summary at the front of the report, along with selected verbatim comments and an analysis of frequently mentioned themes or attributes, completes the picture.

The methodology delivers rich, actionable insights for Jones Robinson at an individual and company-wide level.

This two-way conversation with customers reflects Jones Robinson’s core value of open and real communication. Customers appreciate being given the opportunity to express their thoughts and experiences in a straightforward and empathetic manner.

Jones Robinson’s responsiveness in implementing change and communicating back to customers, following the interviews, further enhances their brand equity.

Alongside that, the simple but effective CSAT metric provides the business with a measurable KPI to form the basis of staff reward and a barometer of Jones Robinson’s commitment to their customers “to help them move on with their lives”.

Not only have we been able to continually improve our levels of customer service through the Yomdel platform, we’ve also, from the feedback obtained, been able to directly win business that would have otherwise been lost.

I really cannot endorse this service enough - if you care about what your customers really think about you then you need to speak to Yomdel.
Charles Robinson
Charles Robinson
Founder & Director


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