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Live Chat Software

Yomdel Open Chat lets you handle your own webchat

Live Chat Software so you can handle your own website chat

Yomdel Open Chat offers you the opportunity to manage your own website Live Chat service. Quick, easy installation enables you to talk to your customers online anytime.

If your business is operating online more and more, your customers need to get in touch with you, and Live Chat is their first choice when they visit your website.

Remember! 50% of your enquiries are likely to be outside your normal office hours. Yomdel Open Chat offers an overflow handling service for out of hours operation, or when you are unable to manage the service yourself in time of high activity.

What is Yomdel Open Chat?

Whenever you are available, you can respond to live, online enquiries within your own website.

Just like professionally managed Live Chat, you'll have a chat window in the bottom right hand corner of all pages on your website.

Every time a visitor engages with your Live Chat, you'll be alerted, and will need to respond to them quickly through the Open Chat application interface that Yomdel will provide for you.

Answer immediate questions, fulfil enquiries, capture contact details, and generate additional opportunities for your business.

Live Chat Software Packages

How does it work?

  1. Easy online subscription, pay monthly or annually

  2. Download Open Chat software application, and install to your website

  3. Option available for complete installation and setup to be handled by Yomdel

  4. Login and you're good to go. Handle chats in real-time

  5. Store all chat transcripts, and monitor activity with integrated dashboard tool.

  6. If you're unavailable at busy times, and out of office hours (overnight and weekends), subscribe to Yomdel overflow service

Full pricing and download details available from the Yomdel team.

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Live Chat Software

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Install Live Chat software quickly on your website, and you can be available to your customers 7 days a week, 24/7.

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