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- Case Study -






Romans, and subsequently the Leaders Romans Group, have been working with Yomdel since 2012, using a range of Mystery Shopping and Market Research services.

As a large estate agency group LRG has specific needs and objectives to meet, as they manage and expand their large portfolio of over 160 branches spread across the UK.

“It’s important for the business to understand the strength of a brand we are acquiring as it helps lead decisions on when, or in some cases whether, we rebrand.

Some local brands are so well known and respected that changing them would be instantly detrimental to their performance, so brand research ahead of acquisitions, along with other factors, helps us understand and then shape our operational decisions.”

Kiersty Sims - Group Marketing Director


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LRG needed robust data to deliver insights for its acquisition programme, to help determine the branding strategy for estate agencies coming into the business.



Yomdel designed and conducted a series of online surveys, with residents in each of the areas where LRG’s acquisition targets were located.

The samples were large enough for LRG to be confident that they were building a robust and objective data set for each brand and its local profile.

Yomdel employed a combination of techniques to maximise response rates, and reach narrowly defined geographic areas, including targeted Facebook and other social media ads, our own shopper/consumer database, and also reaching out to other trusted consumer panel providers.

The survey content looked at:

  • how well the brand was known or recognised
  • what attributes were associated with it
  • how likely residents were to use the brand for sales or lettings

Perceptions were based on:

  • the logo name or graphics
  • reaction to the brand based upon living in the area
  • direct personal experience of the brand

The brand profiling of the acquisition estate agent was carried out within the context of the local competitors and existing LRG brand (where applicable).

In other words, the dominant agencies in each area were included in the survey, so LRG could see how they themselves, and their likely acquisition, would fit within the broader marketplace.

The demographic and life stage questions within the survey allow the data to be segmented further - e.g. landlords, tenants, first time buyers - so the brand profile can be considered and assessed holistically from different touchpoints.



The data from each online survey was collated, cleaned and processed, so LRG’s Insight Team could see quickly and easily the key takeaways around brand perception, and relative standing within each local marketplace.

The data was fed into their acquisition information packs, and guided the decision-making around retaining or changing the acquired business’s name, logo and positioning.

Yomdel and LRG continue to work together on brand profiling surveys as each new wave of acquisition activity comes on line, helping LRG to expand their network successfully and retain or develop thriving, dynamic agencies.



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